5x VESIsorb® Patented Technology

Cannaray vegan CBD capsules

Our capsules include a multi-patented technology to increase the bioavailability of CBD

We are proud to use patented VESIsorb® technology in our CBD Capsules and our softgel Curcumin Capsules. VESIsorb® is a clinically proven drug delivery system that increases the absorption of CBD by an average of 5x versus other CBD products and is utilised as part of our commitment to create the best CBD products in the UK.

VESIsorb® is a multi-patented technology with a long history of safe and effective use worldwide. Since 2007, close to 200 million consumers in all major continents have safely and effectively used a VESIsorb® formula. This Swiss technology has been clinically proven to increase the absorption and bioavailability of cannabinoids, including cannabidiol (CBD). VESIsorb® is described as a “natural” technology because it mimics the human fat digestion and absorption process.


How VESIsorb® technology works:

Step 1: The delivery system is formed. This happens when a fat-based formulation is mixed with the water-like layer of the intestinal tract.

Step 2: The delivery system moves across the water-like layer of the intestinal tract – also known as the lumen.

Step 3: Further movement of molecules to the deeper epithelial layer and across cell membranes. This is where absorption occurs.