3 Ways CBD Might Improve Your Sex Life

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It’s said that CBD may help you get a good night’s sleep, but could its benefits in the bedroom extend beyond drifting off for a restful eight hours? Here, we reveal what we know to be true about CBD, cannabis and sex – plus the three ways you can put it through its paces. Keep scrolling for the full lowdown.

Cannabis and Sex | Cannaray CBD

Cannabis and Sex

While, currently, there are no clinical studies exploring the impact of CBD on sex, a survey by Remedy Review found that 68% of people say CBD improves their sex life. Furthermore, scientists have explored the relationship between cannabis use and various areas relating to sex, including libido and male performance. Such studies are still in their infant stages, and more research is required, but early signs are positive, indicating cannabis may have a positive effect.

For example, in one survey, researchers noted an association between the increased frequency of cannabis use and increased male sexual function. Another study saw 127 women use cannabis before sexual activity, with “most women [reporting] increases in sex drive, improvement in orgasm, decrease in pain, but no change in lubrication”.

Of course, the results of these studies does not confirm CBD has an impact on sex. However, CBD comes from the cannabis plant, making it easy to see why experts are intrigued. Controlled clinical studies would be able to shed more light on the impact CBD might have. But, for now, putting it to the test for yourself is both easy and enjoyable.

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1. Helping You Relax

When you’re stressed and distracted, you might find it difficult to get in the mood for intimacy. Your mind is elsewhere, preventing you from loosening up and enjoying the moment. And, although there’s currently no research on CBD’s effects on sex-related stress (such as performance anxiety), there is evidence to suggest that the compound can have an impact on your general mood.

One review looked at eight studies focused on CBD and anxiety, and noted that, while further research is required, “CBD has a promising role as alternative therapy in the management of anxiety disorders”. If you want to try it for yourself, consider taking a dropper of the CBD Oil Drops when you’re feeling wound up. Then, relax, unwind and focus on time with your partner.

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2. Addressing Pain

It’s estimated that 40% of all women experience pain during sex. Not only does this impact pleasure, but it can also affect the intimate connection you have with your partner. There’s no current clinical proof that CBD can help with this problem – known as dyspareunia – but anecdotal evidence suggests that, in some cases, it may soothe discomfort and relieve pain.

In one survey of 502 people, 26% said they ingest CBD to alleviate pain during sex, and 98% of that group found it to be an effective treatment. Most of the participants also said their favoured type of CBD is edibles, with quick and easy-to-take gummies proving particularly popular. In fact, CBD Capsules and CBD Gummies make adding cannabinoids to your routine simple. You can take one or two every morning or night.

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3. Boosting a Massage

Is there anything more sensual than a massage? Helping you bond with your partner and set the mood, it’s the ultimate in foreplay. Bonus: it triggers the release of serotonin and eases aching muscles, too. However, no romantic massage is complete without an oil or balm. That’s where our cult-classic CBD Muscle Balm comes into play.

With the soothing scent of eucalyptus and a gentle tingling sensation, it’s perfect for working out knots, melting tension away and creating a sense of calm. The balm is specially formulated to stay on skin, so it won’t ruin your sheets. Plus, the very act of touching your partner can release the ‘cuddle hormone’, oxytocin, which increases trust.

More Tips On Boosting Your Sex Life

Make the Mind-Body Connection

When you’re with your partner, be mindful of every touch and movement. Tuning into how your body feels helps to quiet a busy mind, enhancing the sensations you experience.

Engage in Feel-Good Exercise

Stress is a libido-buster, so aim to elevate dopamine and serotonin levels with blood-pumping activities, such as dancing or going for a run. That post-workout ‘high’ can boost desire and get you in the mood.

Increase Everyday Physical Touch

Be affectionate outside of the bedroom. Kiss hello and goodbye, take baths together or even simply hug your partner more often. These small actions can have a big effect on your physical and emotional intimacy.

Surprise Your Partner

If lockdown fatigue is having a negative impact on your sex life, try to inject some spontaneity by surprising your partner with a special date night. Get dressed up, cook their favourite dinner, pop open a bottle, and make your home a phone-free zone for one romantic evening.

Looking for more ways to enhance your health? Discover the unique relationship between CBD and sleep, featuring tips on resetting your bedtime ritual.

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