What Can CBD Do for Golf Injuries?

CBD for golf injuries


Zara Kenyon

All it takes is one swing, and every part of your body is in motion – from the fingers that clench the club to the hips that rotate as you drive the ball across the green. Hitting a golf ball is an explosive movement – powerful and exhilarating – but it can mean injuries are rife. Think the achy, sore, muscle-pulling kind.

So, how can you prevent them? Here we explore the relationship between CBD and golf injuries – plus, four technique tweaks to make your swing much smoother and less painful.

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Can CBD Help with Golf Injuries?

This is the big question, and there are a host of studies that explore CBD’s effects on not just pain, but the associated inflammation, too. Typically, where there’s a twanged muscle or an overworked knee, inflammation is at play, because it’s your immune system’s natural response to an irritant.

This could be one of many reasons golfers are hailing the benefits of CBD. But how do they use it? Here are three of the most popular methods...

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1. CBD Oil

You might have spotted certain pro golfers using CBD oil on the course, such as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickleson, applying a dropper under the tongue for the most potent and effective dosage. Here, the blood vessels are large and close to the surface, making it easier for the CBD to enter the bloodstream and deliver the desired results. To try it, take the CBD Oil Drops to your next game, use them before you head out, or add a dropper into your Thermos. The citrusy flavour goes with any drink.

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2. CBD Edibles

Edibles – such as the CBD Capsules or CBD Gummies – are also popular with golfers because they’re so quick and easy to take.

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3. CBD Topicals

CBD can’t pass through your skin, so a topical won’t transmit signals to internal cannabinoid receptors in the same way a CBD oil or capsule might. However, there are said to be cannabinoid receptors on the surface of your skin, and creams or balms may be able to cleverly interact with these in a more localised way. Plus, many golfers have found the very act of massaging aches and pains can have a big impact. Try it with the CBD Muscle Balm, working it into that lead wrist or pulled shoulder.

4 Technique Tweaks to Reduce Injuries

Golf injuries are inevitable, but some can be avoidable. As well as taking CBD, fix up your technique with these tricks…

Golf pain wrist

1. For Your Lead Wrist

The repetitive strain of swinging coupled with the impact when the club hits the ball means wrists take a hard hit during golf. Experts recommend strengthening and conditioning exercises to lessen the effects, as well as wearing strapping or a bandage for extra support.

Golf pain elbow

2. For Your Elbow

Your elbow puts in more work than you think. It’s constantly flexing, bending and rotating to help you make the perfect shot or swing your way out of the dugout (it happens). As with your wrist, regular stretching and support from strapping should help. Also, make sure you’re not gripping the club too tight, as this puts pressure on your forearm, which extends to your elbow.

Golf pain shoulder

3. For Your Shoulder

If you overswing – and it’s easily done – or simply overplay, the muscles in your shoulder and rotator cuff can become inflamed or damaged. Make sure you do a warm-up before playing, using simple stretches and a CBD Muscle Balm massage to make a tense shoulder feeling a little more limber.

Golf Pain Knee

4. For the Knee

Your knee absorbs a lot of the force from your swing. It’s common to lean into it, compressing the muscles and causing pain that could keep you off the course. To stop this injury, try not to shift your hips too far towards the target, choosing to slightly rotate your lead foot 20-30 degrees towards the target instead.

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Looking for more advice? Read your complete guide to the ways golfers use CBD, whether they’re trying to calm pre-tee-off jitters or keep their focus on the green.

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