How It’s Going: The PGA X Cannaray Partnership

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When we announced the Cannaray x PGA partnership in August, we kicked off a collaboration that would benefit every golfer, of every age, at every ability level. As a team of golfing enthusiasts, it was our hope and belief that, in teaming up with the Association, we would be able to help athletes thrive on the course, and bring their calmest self to the game.

Now, we’re three months in, and with the 2020 Masters underway in the US, we’ve already experienced incredible highs with the PGA, which is only set to continue over the next two years. Golfers: read on to discover what we’ve achieved so far, how we will continue to support the game, and how you too can add CBD to your sports routine.

Why the PGA?

Partnering with the PGA comes naturally to our golf-loving team at Cannaray. They share in our vision of prioritising physical and mental wellness, both on and off the course. For years, we’ve been using CBD to elevate our own golfing skills, and now we have the opportunity to bring those very same benefits to pros and amateurs alike.

Best of all, as the PGA’s exclusive partner – and first official CBD partner in the UK – we’re able to support UK golf at grassroots level, working to help develop the game. “We recognise The PGA as the number one authority in golf,” says our CEO, Scott Maguire. “And as a team of passionate golfers ourselves, we share their enthusiasm for the game.”

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Supporting Golfers

You might have heard Bubba Watson hailing the effects of CBD, or seen Phil Mickelson dropping an oil underneath his tongue during the 2019 Masters. These are just two of the many pro golfers who use CBD between swings (and wins), and there’s a host of reasons why they may be fans of the popular supplement.

First, some claim it helps them focus. As we know, we’re at our sharpest when we’re well rested, and CBD has been linked by experts to a better night’s sleep. In one study, 66.7% of patients taking a CBD capsule for one month said their sleep quality and quantity had improved. A further 79.2% of participants in the same report experienced a reduction in anxiety, indicating that the compound could help to steady golfers’ pre-tee-off nerves.

Some pros also use CBD for golf injuries. After all, few things work more muscles than taking an explosive swing – let alone two or three hundred in one day. Massaging pre-game can warm up muscles, while a post-golf massage may ease tension, which is where the CBD Muscle Balm comes into play. Worked into tight wrists, shoulders, knees or elbows, you’ll feel a gentle tingle from the warming eucalyptus. Use it before and after a game to keep joints a little more nimble.

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Our CBD Golfer’s Kits

Curated by golfers for golfers, we offer a kit that holds everything athletes need to get started with CBD.

The Golfer’s CBD Kit, worth £53

Perfect for beginners (in golf and in CBD), we’ve teamed our fresh and citrusy CBD Oral Drops in the 750mg bottle with the CBD Muscle Balm. Allowing you to get your dosage both sublingually and topically, it supports a truly holistic approach to golfers’ wellbeing.

Supporting Golf Clubs

One of the other key ways Cannaray supports the PGA is with wellness education, giving Members information on the benefits of CBD, so they can pass on tips and tricks to golfers. Richard Barker, PGA Executive Director – Business Development explains: “PGA Members are well placed to help educate golfers about the many positive effects of CBD and benefit from the increased interest in CBD products.”

For clubs, stocking CBD allows them to tap into an untapped market, providing their golfers with products at the forefront of an emerging wellness trend. We’ve already seen CBD rapidly enter the US golf market with proven success; now it’s time for the UK to reap this supplement’s benefits.

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