Why Pro Golfers Are Using CBD to Up Their Game

CBD in professional golf


Zara Kenyon

We’ve already talked about the benefits of using CBD after a workout – but have you heard about the buzz surrounding CBD in the professional golfing world? As the [official sponsors of the PGA]official sponsors of the PGA, we know all too well how much it’s taken by golfers. Let’s look at some of the reasons it’s used both on and off the course…

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The Rules for CBD in Golf

Golfers don’t risk a doping disqualification with Cannaray CBD, because every one of our products – from the oil to the balm – is formulated without THC. For the uninitiated, THC is short for tetrahydrocannabinol, a psychoactive compound found in Cannabis that’s responsible for making you feel ‘high’.

Without THC, CBD is not a drug. Instead of creating that ‘high’ sensation, it promotes homeostasis – which is to say it helps to bring essential balance to your body. Pro golfers hail it for a number of reasons, and some have been spotted dropping CBD oil under their tongue while on the course. It’s the worst-kept secret in the golfing business.

2 Ways Golfers Use CBD

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1. CBD for Focus on the Course

Golf isn’t just about physical precision; your mental precision is important, too. In fact, sharp focus can mean the difference between topping the ball or hitting an ace. Experts believe there’s a strong relationship between CBD and some of the causes of poor concentration, including bad sleep and anxiety; two key factors that make it hard to keep your eye on the ball.

In one study on CBD’s impact on sleep, 66.7% of patients taking a CBD capsule for one month said their sleep quality and quantity had improved. It goes without saying that, when we’re well-rested, we’re able to concentrate more, meaning those eight hours of sleep are vital pre-tee-off.

Meanwhile, a further 79.2% of participants in the same study experienced a reduction in anxiety after a month of CBD. Whilst these studies are conducted on a small scale and not clinically proven, this indicates why pro golfers have reportedly been using CBD oils mid-game.

For anyone wanting to try CBD, we have a number of easy-to-use options, including the CBD Oil Drops. Available in three strengths, you simply squeeze a dropper of the citrus-flavoured oil underneath your tongue, then allow it to absorb for 90 seconds. The CBD Capsules are also perfect for beginners, making it quick and simple to measure your desired dosage.

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2. CBD for Golf Injuries

From stressing your lead wrist to pulling your shoulder, golf injuries are common – especially in pro players, who might find themselves hitting more than 300 (or even 500) balls per day. Pain can come from both the frequency of playing and difficulties with your swing mechanics. So, how do you reduce the impact a round of golf can have on your body?

While adjusting your techniques to reduce golf injuries will certainly help, more and more golfers are turning to CBD topicals when they step off the course. We all know how soothing it can be to give your achy muscles a massage, and using a CBD Muscle Balm or CBD Skin Cream makes it easier for hands to work into the knots.

If you’re trying it yourself, don’t only focus on the areas where you feel pain. Apply to every overreached muscle on your lead side, because they all take a beating when you play. This means the wrist, elbow and shoulder you swing with, the knee you’re leaning into, and even the fists you’re clenching while preparing to take a game-changing shot. Apply the balm or cream liberally, massaging in small, circular motions. You can even use the CBD Muscle Balm before a round, as it’s designed to stay on during sports.

Looking for more advice on soothing pain? Read all about CBD’s relationship with inflammation or discover five CBD benefits bound to surprise you.

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