Our Story

We believe in bringing you only the best that CBD has to offer, the highest quality plant extract, the most premium blends and products that fit into your daily routine with ease. In a sea of CBD confusion, our mission is to demystify what it does, how it works and where you'll find The Gold Standard formula. Clue: you've come to the right place.

CBD in the treatment of chronic pain

Balance for Your Mind, Body & Soul

Sharing is caring – especially when it comes to CBD. So we started Cannaray with one dream: to create products that improve your wellbeing and day-to-day life. We strive to make CBD easy to use, enjoyable and accessible, allowing you to feel more balanced – both mentally and physically – no matter the time of day.

High quality CBD oil | Cannaray CBD

Getting The Gold Standard

What does, 'The Gold Standard in CBD' mean? Put simply, it all comes down to our formula; namely, how we extract the CBD to offer the best supplement. Unlike other popular extraction methods that use CO2 and ethanol, we harness a non-hazardous extraction process using a blend of high pressure and low temperature to give you a uniquely chemical-free product. We're also backed by a team of doctors and scientists, guaranteeing every oil, capsule, balm or cream we create gets the stamp of approval from medical professionals.

We are pleased to be working with:

  • Dr Benjamin Thomas, Pain Specialist
  • Dr David Moorhouse, General Neurologist
  • Dr Daniela Tonucci, Pain Specialist
  • Dr P. Balu, Consultant Psychiatrist
  • Dr Tom Jenkins, Neurologist
  • Dr Emily Collis, Palliative Medicine
  • Dr Andrew Aswani, Intensive Care and Anesthesiologist
  • Janosh Kratz, Physician and Consultant for Cannabinoid Research
  • Dr Peter Laing, Drug Delivery Scientific Expert
  • Simon Tallett, Pharmacist
  • Richard Davey, Pharmaceutical Distribution
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CBD farm aerial view

Eco-Conscious Creation

Like you, we care about the planet and keeping our eco-conscience clear, so we only pick partners that help us deliver on sustainability. The result? CBD essentials that keep that carbon footprint small, made with the promise of limiting carbon emissions and water usage.

This eco-kind commitment covers each and every part of Cannaray, and we’re always looking for ways to take responsible retail further. Our goal is to reach a 100% zero-carbon and zero-waste footprint, so watch this space as we continue to innovate in the CBD world.

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Responsible Recycling

Every bottle and jar we use to package our CBD is made with glass, while the pumps and lids are created using white, 100% recyclable plastics. Next up, we’re working on plans to launch a refill loyalty scheme, so subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates (and get a 10% discount code, too).

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Open Book Policy

When it comes to wellness, transparency is everything. That’s why we take pride in revealing every detail of our products, from the ingredients we use to the way we blend each oil or mix each balm. Our partner farms must link the steps of the production process through a trackable serial number, and we publish all our lab reports online to offer the complete breakdown of each product. We’ll also answer any burning CBD questions you may have, so feel free to reach out to us via email, Facebook or Instagram to find out more.