About CBD

CBD is a naturally occurring compound that’s extracted from hemp plants. So your body can make use of it, this powerful extract is added to CBD oilsCBD capsulesCBD gummies, and  CBD balms.

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol. (But, let’s face it: CBD is much easier to say.) It’s one of the many cannabinoids, or plant compounds, that are found in hemp.

Cannabinoids are compounds found in hemp plants. The most commonly known cannabinoids include cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). So far there have been over 100 cannabinoids identified and isolated from hemp plants, all of which exhibit different effects. Cannaray uses CBD isolate to ensure all our products contain zero THC, giving you a safe and reliable product to use week in week out.

While CBD is derived from cannabis, CBD is just one of over 100 naturally occurring compounds found in the plant, so it’s not the same as the plant as a whole. Unlike THC, another compound found in cannabis, CBD is non-intoxicating and therefore will not cause a 'high'.

No, Cannaray CBD will not get you high or cause any intoxicating effects. Cannaray's CBD is THC-free and independently lab tested for purity - and your peace of mind.

THC is another plant compound found in cannabis that is commonly associated with the intoxicating and psychoactive effects of cannabis, as well as certain medical benefits such as treatment for epilepsy. Cannaray CBD uses a pure CBD isolate extract and each product is independently lab tested to ensure our range is THC-free.

Yes, CBD is safe and has been approved by the World Health Organisation since 2018 as "generally well tolerated with a good safety profile". There are plenty of blogs and reviews online from CBD users documenting how CBD fits into their daily routine.

Yes, CBD is legal in the UK. It’s only products containing THC that are not permitted and we’re pleased to say that Cannaray independently lab tests all our CBD products with an independent laboratory to ensure our products are always THC free. We publish all the lab reports on our website so you can be sure that what is stated on our products is exactly what is inside.

CBD was recently classified as a Novel Food by the Food Standards Agency (FSA). Novel Foods are defined as food products ‘not having a significant history of consumption before May 1997’. CBD falls into this categorisation, as do some other health food items including chia seeds. 

All Cannaray CBD food supplement products have been validated by the FSA as part of their Novel Foods regulatory process, for which more information can be found on the FSA's website.

CBD Usage and Dosage

As a general rule, you should start low and slow with CBD and gradually adjust your dosage, building up to find a level that works perfectly for you. We recommend not exceeding 70mg CBD per day.

Please check our guide on How to Use CBD which goes into detail for each of our products.

The time for CBD to leave the body depends on a few factors such as age, weight, metabolism, and the type of product you use. In general, CBD stays in the body for 2-3 hours, so CBD can be taken in a single daily dose, or smaller doses at intervals throughout the day such as morning, mid-day, and night.

Yes, all Cannaray CBD products can be used in professional sports as they do not contain THC. Cannaray CBD is a member of the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance. CBD has also been accepted by the World Anti-Doping Agency for use in sports since 2018.

To purchase CBD you must be at least 18 years of age. If you are considering CBD for someone younger than 18 then we would recommend that you consult your local GP or a specialist in the field of CBD before use.

By completing your order and paying, you confirm that you are over 18 and agree to our Terms and Conditions of Sale and our Privacy Policy.

The best way to store CBD oil is away from light, heat and oxygen, such as a pantry/larder or bathroom cupboard. If you are not using it regularly, you can keep it in the fridge, but if you use it every day, you can keep it at room temperature under 25 degrees.

Medical & Health

We do not recommend taking CBD products if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Unfortunately, we're unable to provide advice or guidance on using our products for medical or health conditions. We recommend speaking to your GP or pharmacist if you are interested in using CBD for a particular concern.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide specific advice in relation to CBD's interaction with your medication. Our advice is to always consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking medication before taking CBD.

CBD is classified as a food – not a medicine – which means claims of medical benefits are not allowed by any CBD brand. You might still spot them lurking around on the internet, but officially the Food Standards Agency (FSA) doesn’t permit brands to make any claims about the medical benefits of CBD. 

Cannaray Club Loyalty Programme

To earn points you must be logged in to your Cannaray Club account during checkout of the relevant purchase, or when you take the relevant action. Therefore, you are not able to earn points on purchases made, or actions taken, prior to the creation of your Cannaray Club Loyalty Account.

Reward points can be earned on orders where a discount or voucher is used, however, the points earned will be calculated based on the amount actually paid (not the value of the order before the discount/voucher was applied).

Cannaray Club members earn one (1) point for every one pound (£1) spent on Cannaray products on the Website. Points are rounded down; for example if you spend £2.50, you will receive 2 points. You can also earn points by completing other actions found in our Rewards section of the website.

Members can use Points to claim a Discount based on the following scale:

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About Cannaray

Created by a world-class team of doctors, scientists and wellness experts, Cannaray's CBD supplements combine quality and natural ingredients with a pure hemp extract. The result? The very best of CBD.

We believe in creating products good enough for ourselves as well as treating our customers like family. From great-tasting CBD oils and gummies to vitamin-packed capsules and tingly topicals, our CBD products are designed to fit seamlessly into your day to night routine.

Cannaray's CBD Oils, CBD Capsules and CBD Gummies are all suitable for vegans. Our CBD Muscle Balm contains a small amount of beeswax and is suitable for vegetarians.

Our partner farms link each step of their production processes. We check and track the product from source until final product. Each product is clearly marked with its batch number which can be correlated to lab reports published on our website. We recommend visiting the Cannaray Journal for more detail on how CBD oil is made.

Every bottle and jar we use to package our CBD is made with glass and is easily recyclable, while the pumps, lids and gummy pots used across our range are created using 100% recyclable plastics. Our shipping boxes are all recyclable cardboard.

You can get 10% off your first order, plus receive other regular offers and promotions when you sign up for the Cannaray CBD newsletter (via the link in our footer).

We also offer up to 30% off our CBD products when bought in 3-month or 6-month supplies, which are very cost-effective if you take CBD regularly.

Yes, all Cannaray CBD products are THC-free as can be seen in our lab reports.

This means that the percentage of THC in our products is below detectable levels by lab equipment, where the threshold is 0.005%.

Yes, all Cannaray CBD food supplements have been validated by the FSA (Food Standards Agency) as part of their Novel Foods regulatory process. Cannaray CBD can be found on the FSA's published list of CBD brands.

You can shop our best-selling blends right here, or discover Cannaray stockists all over the UK. Next time you’re in your local Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Superdrug, Day Lewis or Harrods, look out for our CBD capsules, CBD oils and CBD gummies on the shelves. Follow the yellow sun.

At Cannaray, our goal is to make our products as affordable and accessible as we can for our customers. The quality of Cannaray CBD is among the highest in the market, which is why we are stocked in leading retailers, including Tesco, Sainsbury's, Holland & Barrett, Morrisons, Superdrug and Waitrose (to name a few). We also use GMO-free crops, are THC-free and we independently lab test our products for purity, so you can be sure you are receiving a premium CBD product for a great price every time, without compromising on quality.

At Cannaray we are proud to only use natural food colouring in our CBD. Because we use naturally derived ingredients, there can be some natural variation in the colour of our CBD gummies which is completely normal. You’ll find these still have the same great taste and CBD content. 

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