How To Use CBD

If you’re wondering how to take CBD, there are three things you need to consider: the desired effect, the types of products to try, and the dosage best suited to you. That’s why we’ve created this guide for beginners, which will help you get started with CBD – whether you’re using an oil, a capsule or a soothing muscle balm.

Whether you're new to CBD or a CBD pro, finding the 'perfect' dose is unique to each invididual.

Before you get started, we recommend downloading our 7-day CBD diary to keep track of your daily dosage and how you are feeling.

Cannaray CBD Oral Drops with juniper lime natural flavouring

How to Use CBD Oil

CBD oil is known for taking effect quicker than other CBD products. That’s because you apply it sublingually, which gets it into your bloodstream fast. What that means is you apply the oil directly under your tongue (usually with a dropper), then hold it there for around 90 seconds, allowing it to absorb. While some people are put off oils because of the hemp taste, you can now find formulas with cleaner, brighter, more refreshing flavours that are enjoyable to use. Our oils – the CBD Oil Oral Drops – come in three strengths and are infused with an exclusive Juniper Lime natural flavouring, which you can even add to your daily smoothie to give it a nourishing boost.

CBD Capsules in hand

How to Use CBD Capsules

Taking CBD capsules is simple: swallow one with water daily, then adjust as and when needed. What’s important is finding a capsule that’s easily absorbed by your body. Our CBD Capsules harness 5x VESIsorb® patented technology, which increases the bioavailability of CBD to give you improved absorption. You’ll also find it in the CBD Curcumin Capsules, which are infused with – you guessed it – curcumin; a compound believed to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Cannaray CBD Skin Cream Application

How to Use a CBD Balm or Cream

It’s widely known that a massage can benefit sore, achy muscles, so why not add a CBD balm or cream to this daily soothing ritual? Try applying the CBD Muscle Balm or CBD Skin Cream to shoulders – or anywhere you’re feeling some tension – starting with around 1/3 of a teaspoon, smoothed liberally onto skin. It’s quick and easy.

Finding Your CBD Dosage

CBD is processed differently based on genetics and lifestyle, so it’s important that you personalise your dosage based on how you respond as an individual. That’s why we recommend you start with a low application and build up gradually, finding a level that works uniquely for you – no one-size-fits all approach.

The ‘right’ amount of CBD is the one that gives you the desired effect. Once you feel that improved state, stop there, because you’ve reached your perfect dosage. On reaching that level, you might be tempted to keep applying more CBD, but it’s worth noting that increasing your application may not boost the therapeutic effects any further. The Food Standards Agency recommends not using more than 70mg per day, and if you’re already taking prescribed CBD medication, you should consult your doctor before consuming more.

If in doubt, consult our application guide below where we break down beginner’s dosages for each of our CBD products, from the Curcumin Capules to the nurturing Skin Cream.

Table showing how to use CBD with dosages for beginners.
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When to Use CBD

There’s no wrong or right time to take CBD, but using it at certain points in the day can offer different benefits to your mood and wellbeing. Here’s how…

Morning: CBD doesn’t give you the buzzy energy boost of a morning coffee. Rather, it can offer a more balanced sensation, so you’re ready to take on the day. Use it alone or – if you do like a jolt of caffeine – try adding a dropper of CBD oil to your daily latte, so you get the best of both worlds.

On the go: We each have difficult moments in our day; a long meeting, a bustling commute, a nagging worry that won’t go away… These are stresses we all experience. Think of taking CBD as a self-care ritual – an on-the-go moment just for you – enhanced by an oil formula, which helps it get into your bloodstream faster.

Evening: Though CBD doesn’t have the sedative effect of THC, you can still use it in the evening when you’re getting ready to wind down and relax. Try taking a capsule or smoothing a CBD balm into tired muscles. The very act of massaging your skin can help you feel calmer, setting you up for a restful night.

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