Claudia Winkleman's Cannaray CBD Routine

Claudia Winkleman Cannaray CBD Oil


Zara Kenyon

TV presenter and author Claudia Winkleman has joined the Cannaray team – not only as our ambassador, but also as the fearless leader of our CBD revolution. Have you spotted our TV advert for CBD featuring Claudia yet?

The truth is that Claudia started using our CBD blends long before the big reveal. In fact, our CBD capsules and CBD oils played a key role in her day-to-day lockdown routine, after her cousin sent her a bottle of our Bright Days CBD Oil Drops. “I thought CBD oil was some fandango thing, and I was never interested,” she admits. Here’s how a dropper of citrus-fresh CBD changed her whole mindset…

Claudia Winkleman Bright Days CBD Oil Drops Cannaray

One Wise Cousin and Discovering CBD

So how did Claudia come across Cannaray CBD?

"During lockdown, I was chatting to my cousin, Sara – super-hot, runs the music business – and she told me, ‘You should try CBD oil’. I was like, ‘What are you talking about?’

She uses Cannaray, and she sent me a bottle of the Bright Days CBD oil drops. I’ve never waited 30 seconds in my life, but I put it on and waited for it to absorb ... Now it’s just part of my routine.”

And we can’t say we’re surprised. Many CBD beginners start out with a CBD oil, before branching out with CBD capsules, CBD gummies and even CBD topicals.

Claudia Winkleman with Cannaray CBD Gummies

Claudia’s CBD Routine

How does CBD work into a daily routine? Now that lockdown is over, Claudia says her day starts with

"A decaf coffee with about 17 sugars – because why not? Life’s too short.

Then I go and do the school run, come back, have a nap, and speak to about three of my girlfriends for quite a long time. After that I do a bit of work, reading out loud. I might have a spray tan, I’ll talk to my parents, I’ll have an enormous lunch, then another nap.

By then, it’s time to pick up the kids and try to help them with their homework. I read all the time, then I’ll have a hot bath and take one of the Bright Days CBD Capsules. After that, I get into bed… That’s my routine and it works for me."

claudia winkleman with cannaray cbd night time oil drops

Claudia’s Favourite CBD Oils

Claudia is a huge fan of our CBD oils. She loves the pepperminty Night Time CBD Oil Drops because “number one, it has sexy packaging. And it’s just next to my bed, so it’s super easy”.

However, a bottle of the Bright Days CBD Capsules is her top pick.

"I’m a capsule lover,” she says. “I don’t take any other vitamins, I eat quite a lot of toast, I nap when I can, I speak to my girlfriends probably four hours a day, my eldest is leaving home, my littlest is changing schools… There’s a lot going on, but I sort of think that’s a little magic capsule, and that’s what I take.

"I don’t understand the science behind CBD capsules and I never need to understand it. It’s beyond me. It’s like the science of eyeliner – I don’t need to know about it, I just know I love it."

Cannaray CBD Oils for Day & Night

Try CBD for Yourself

If you’re new to CBD – like Claudia was before the pandemic – you’ll love our trial-sized bottles of CBD oils and CBD capsules. Perfect for beginners (or packing in your weekend staycation bag) the Discovery CBD Capsules give you 20 caps in one miniature jar. Fancy a flavoured oil? Then opt for our Discovery CBD Oil Drops Kit or CBD Day to Night Kit, which features one Bright Days blend and one Night Time bottle. That means round-the-clock care is sorted.

Up next: Torn between CBD capsules or CBD oils? Our easy guide will help you decide which blend to try first. (Personally, we’re big fans of them both.)