Taking Cannaray CBD Bright Days Oil 1500mg
Cannaray CBD Bright Days CBD Oils 500mg 1500mg
Cannaray CBD Day time Oil
Taking Cannaray CBD Bright Days Oil 1500mg
Cannaray CBD Bright Days CBD Oil
Cannaray CBD Bright Days CBD Oil
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Bright Days CBD Oil Drops
Zesty Citrus Flavour

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1500mg Regular Size (30ml)
500mg Discovery Size (10ml)
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3 Bottles
3 x bottles of 1500mg Oil Drops
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6 x bottles of 1500mg Oil Drops
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How to use CBD oil
Taking our CBD Oil is simple:
  1. Shake well before use.

  2. Use the measuring pipette to squeeze 0.5-1 ml of  CBD oil directly underneath your tongue.

  3. Hold for 90 seconds while the CBD oil absorbs, then swallow what’s left.

You can also cook with our CBD oil or use it to mix up CBD drinks.

Coconut MCT Oil, Cannabidiol (CBD), Lime and Juniper Flavouring.

Zesty Lime Flavour
Zesty Lime

Juniper Berry Flavour
Juniper Berries

Coconut Oil


Each 1ml of our Bright Days Formula contains 50mg CBD


Keep out of direct sunlight and below 25ºC.


This product is suitable from 18 years. Keep out of the reach of children. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. If you are pregnant, lactating, taking any medication or have a medical condition, consult your doctor before using this product. Do not exceed 70mg CBD per day.

Real reviews from real customers

Sarah A. verified buyer

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Fantastic oil, great service and

Fantastic oil, great service and fast delivery

Sian J. verified buyer

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Helps with back pain

I feel a lot less pain in my glute and leg, due to spinal degeneration since taking the Bright Days CBD oil. Will be continuing!!

Kathryn verified buyer

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Wouldn't be without this. It's my saviour 🙌

Watch the CBD Oil Drops in action


Shake your CBD Oil Drops well before use, then squeeze the pipette and measure out 0.5-1ml of CBD Oil (25-50mg of CBD). Drop the CBD oil underneath your tongue and hold for around 90 seconds. Swallow any remaining oil and enjoy your day.

Claudia Winkleman Join the CBD Revolution Cannaray CBD

"Better than roast potatoes... You get a little pipette, just do a drop under your tongue, let it sit for 90 seconds (but if you want to wait 10, I’m alright with it), and then you swallow."

Claudia Winkleman

Cannaray CBD Brand Ambassador and television and radio personality.

Cannaray Bright Days CBD oil 1500mg

What is CBD oil?

If you're looking to understand what CBD oil is, you might also be wondering ‘what is CBD?’ too. And we’ll tell you: CBD is a plant-powered compound that’s extracted from the hemp plant and is used all over the world in supplements, skincare and more.

To turn the compound into a CBD oil, our CBD extract is carefully processed and purified before it's mixed with coconut oil. The coconut oil is there to help the body digest and absorb CBD best, so your body can process the compound. Lastly, we add a natural juniper and lime flavour for that citrus-fresh zing that makes our Bright Days CBD Oil so popular.

Cannaray CBD Day time Oil

Can you take CBD in the morning?

Yes, you can take CBD in the morning. In fact, when you’re starting a new routine, experts believe that the morning is the best time to do so, as you’re more likely to remember it. Take it alongside your AM glass of water or much-needed cup of coffee, and you’ll kick off your day with a boost of citrus freshness.

The best CBD oil routine involves dropping it directly underneath your tongue, as this allows it to get into your system quicker. However, you can also mix it in with a smoothie or a glass of juice for DIY CBD drinks. The zesty citrus flavour is so fresh that it complements most beverages. (Just check out our reviews for proof!)

Plus, if you’re wondering whether CBD oil in the morning might make you feel sleepy, then you can rest assured – it won’t. CBD oil doesn’t alter your physical state or cause any drowsiness. That means you can take it first thing and go about your day feeling fresh and ready, all thanks to the zing of lime and juniper.

If you prefer, you can also take your CBD oil in the afternoon or evening – anytime will work. Go for Bright Days or reach for our special Night-Time CBD Oil Drops, infused with hemp oil and soothing peppermint. It’s up to you.

Cannaray Bright Days CBD oil in pocket

Why is CBD good in the morning?

CBD oil is good any time of day, but we recommend enjoying it in the morning if you're trying to build a new routine. That way, you can work it into your AM routine to make it feel like more of a habit. Try having it with breakfast, taking it alongside healthy supplements or keeping it by the sink for after you’ve brushed your teeth. Trust us – these tricks really work.

Plus, because the Bright Days CBD Oil Drops have such a fresh and fruity, all-natural flavour, it’s just the burst of citrus you want when you’re getting prepped for the day ahead. It also reminds you to take a moment for yourself in the morning. Pause the early rush and do something that’s just for you.

But if you do forget to take your CBD in the morning, don’t worry. The moment you remember, you can get your routine back on track by applying a fresh dropper of CBD oil. It doesn’t matter if it’s reached the afternoon, or even the evening; the Bright Days CBD Oil Drops can be enjoyed anytime.

Frequently asked questions – answered

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You’ve come to the right place. Here, you can buy our cult-classic Bright Days CBD Oil Drops in two sizes: the 10ml bottle (which holds 500mg of CBD) and the 30ml bottle (which gives you 1500mg). You can also shop our Night-Time CBD Oil Drops in a 600mg or 1800mg formula; perfect for adding to your bedtime wind-down routine. If you want to try them both, our Day to Night CBD Oil Drops Kit has you covered, containing two full-sized 30ml bottles for your AM to PM routine.

Prefer to shop your CBD oil in store? Head to one of our stockists to pick up your essentials.

As a general rule for CBD beginners, we recommend that you start with a lower dose (from around 25mg upwards) and gradually adjust your CBD dosage, building up to find a level that works perfectly for you. However, we find that most customers are satisfied taking the recommended dose on pack of 50mg CBD per day for our Bright Days CBD Oil Drops. That means applying just one full 1ml dropper of the CBD Oil Drops (or two full 0.5ml droppers if using our 10ml oils) underneath your tongue until you feel ready to increase. The ‘perfect’ level is the dose that gives you the effects you’re looking for. We recommend taking no more than 70mg CBD per day.

With the highest bioavailability of all our CBD products, the CBD Oil Drops are your go-to for quick, direct application. To use our CBD oil, squeeze a full dropper under your tongue and hold for 90 seconds to increase absorption before swallowing, or mix in with a latte or protein shake to experience a subtler effect.

Cannaray CBD is 100% safe to use. To give you added confidence, we even put each product through third-party lab tests with accredited laboratories, where they’re tested for quality and purity. Every dropper of CBD oil comes scientist-approved and THC-free, so you can take Cannaray CBD products with zero worries.