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4 Things You Never Knew About Claudia Winkleman

4 Things You Never Knew About Claudia Winkleman

Written by Zara Kenyon
April 11, 2023
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Discover the tips and tricks behind Claudia's wellbeing routine, featuring Cannaray CBD.

1. She’s always early to bed

Late sleepers, take note: Claudia is big on getting an early night, and hails her bedtime routine for getting her through (what felt like) a zillion lockdowns.

“My cousin who works in the music industry said she would send me these capsules because they were life changing. I’m no scientist, but she sent me the Cannaray capsules – and they quickly became non-negotiable.

“Now, I go to bed at 9pm (something I’ve done since I was 20) and take two CBD capsules.”

*sets screen time limit for 8.55pm

2. And she’s big on napping

Speaking of sleep, Claudia also lauds napping for her perennially upbeat mood. In between all the CBD Revolution-leading and book-writing, she prioritises rest to get her through the day.

“I’m a big believer in napping and switching off – no phones, no noise,” Claudia admits. “I love getting under the duvet (I’ve even been known to just get under a towel or an old coat) and checking out."

“My husband calls it ‘shutting down the kiosk’ – I’m like those people who pull down the sliding iron door. It’s a necessity when you’re a mother – especially when one of the kids turns round to tell you they need to go to school tomorrow dressed as a planet. Er, pardon? I simply tell them the kiosk is closed.”

3. She doesn’t drink coffee

If you’ve got Claudia coming over, make sure there’s some Ribena in your cupboard (and maybe some CBD oil“I’m sorry to say I don’t actually drink caffeine,” she confesses.

“I think I had some in about 1998 and was awake for three days. I don’t like feeling frenzied or like I’m on a rollercoaster, so if I do have coffee, I only drink decaf. Failing that, it’s usually Ribena Light.”

She’s not into alcohol either. “I’m not much of a drinker. If I was going out with the girls, I’d probably have a margarita. I think tequila’s quite buzzy – wine makes me quite sleepy, though. Overall, I’m much more interested in food than booze.”

4. We first met on Instagram

Okay, so we knew this fact already (we were there, after all), but in case you’re wondering how we met Claudia, she’s revealed the bright beginnings of the CBD Revolution. “I think I posted something on my Instagram Stories and the brand got in touch,” she explained. “I’d started to bore my friends rigid about how good it was, so a meeting was inevitable. I said ‘Well, thanks for having me,’ and they said, ‘No, no, stay, come and sit on this horse.’”

And the rest, as they say, is history. Have you joined the CBD Revolution yet?

Up next: Learn even more about our brand ambassador with the full lowdown on Claudia Winkleman’s favourite CBD products.

This article was adapted from the original version on Sheerluxe

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