Claudia Winkleman Reveals Her CBD Picks

Claudia Winkleman Join the CBD Revolution Cannaray CBD



Brand Ambassador

Claudia Winkleman

Have you heard? We’re starting a CBD revolution at Cannaray, with a mission to show the world just how quick, easy and effective this clever compound can be. And, helping us lead the charge is our new ambassador, Claudia Winkleman, who’s so excited about heading up a revolution, she insisted on posing with a flag. And a horse.

Like us, Claudia is a self-proclaimed Cannaray CBD superfan. She hails our ‘little magic capsules’ for supporting her through lockdown, and is partial to a bedtime pipette of our pepperminty Night Time CBD oil.

So, who better for us to join forces with as we enter a new era here at Cannaray?

Claudia’s in – now it’s your turn. Join the CBD Revolution.

Claudia Winkleman with Cannaray CBD range

Claudia's CBD Story

Claudia’s CBD journey began in lockdown. Her cousin sent her a bottle of our Bright Days CBD Oil Drops which we saw her talking about on Instagram, and the rest, as they say, is history. Before long, Claudia and our team were plotting a CBD revolution.

"I’ve always wanted to lead a revolution and am delighted to be partnering with Cannaray CBD to lead the UK’s CBD revolution. I’ve become obsessed with CBD this year. I use the CBD oils and capsules – I am officially in love with them."

Claudia Winkleman Cannaray CBD Oil Night Time

CBD Night Time Oil Drops

Take this peppermint-flavoured oil just before or after you brush your teeth and hit the sheets. Blended with a premium dose of CBD, hemp oil and coconut oil, you'll love these dreamy drops. Plus, they're the only thing Claudia keeps by her bedside.

"If I know I’ve got a big day coming up then I love using the Night Time oil. Number one, it has sexy packaging. And it’s just next to my bed, so it’s super easy."

Cannaray CBD Capsules

CBD Bright Days Capsules

Packed with immunity-boosting Vitamin D3, Vitamin C and Zinc, our Bright Days Capsules are sunshine in supplement form. It's no surprise they're one of Claudia's favourites.

"I like them because they’re clean and they feel like excellent value. They seem to last forever and I always know where I am with them."

Claudia Winkleman Cannaray CBD Oil Bright Days

CBD Bright Days Oil Drops

A supercharged blend of premium CBD, coconut oil and natural citrus flavouring — this zesty tincture is a Cannaray CBD bestseller for a reason.

"Better than roast potatoes... You get a little pipette, just do a drop under your tongue, let it sit for 90 seconds (but if you want to wait 10, I’m alright with it), and then you swallow."