Claudia Winkleman Reveals Her CBD Picks

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Brand Ambassador

Claudia Winkleman

Have you joined the CBD Revolution yet? At Cannaray, we’re on a mission to show the UK just how amazing CBD products can be, and how easily they fit into your daily routine. And helping us lead the charge is our brand ambassador, Claudia Winkleman, who first slid into our DMs in 2021 to rave about our CBD Oil Drops.

Like us, Claudia is a self-proclaimed Cannaray CBD superfan. She hails our ‘little magic capsules’ for ‘a huge return with very little effort’, and is partial to a bedtime pipette of our pepperminty Night-Time CBD Oil.

So, who could be better to share their CBD must-haves? We sat down with Claudia to chat about her Cannaray favourites, and if you haven’t tried the CBD Gummies yet, you’ll definitely want to after reading this…

Claudia Winkleman with Cannaray CBD range

But, first, here’s Claudia's CBD story

Claudia’s CBD journey began in lockdown. “My cousin said, ‘I’ve found the answer’. I was like ‘what's the question?’ She went ‘never mind’ and then she sent me a bottle of the Bright Days CBD Oil Drops. The rest is history."

What I love about Cannaray is that it's proper science. So it's not ‘hold this crystal and you will breathe better’. There's real science behind it. They care about people and about making really great CBD.

So, let’s get into Claudia’s must-haves:

Holding CBD Capsule in Hand

Bright Days CBD Capsules

It’s no surprise Claudia praises the Bright Days CBD Capsules every chance she gets. They’re packed with mind-kind zinc, energy-boosting vitamin C and immunity-supporting vitamin D. Talk about a multi-tasker.

In fact, Claudia says, “My favourite thing is the capsules, because I just know internally they're doing their magic. I get a huge return with very little effort. It's the same reason I like napping. Because you know what? Everything's just sorting itself out and I don't even need to get involved. They're packed with vitamin C, which is so good for fatigue and so good for us anyway. And they make me less panicky about the fact that I don't really believe in a tomato.

Take 2 per day from the 200mg or 600mg jar of CBD Capsules. You’ll get a 20mg serving of CBD, plus 500% of your daily vitamin D3 dose, 66% of your daily zinc boost and 225% of your daily vitamin C kick.

Claudia Winkleman Bright Days CBD Oil Drops Cannaray

Bright Days CBD Oil Drops

This zesty tincture is a Cannaray CBD bestseller for a reason, infused with premium coconut oil (which helps your body absorb more CBD) and natural citrus flavouring. "It’s better than roast potatoes,” Claudia says. “You get a little pipette, just do a drop under your tongue, let it sit for 90 seconds (but if you want to wait 10, I’m alright with it), and then you swallow." It’s that easy.

Choose between the 10ml trial-size bottle, which is ideal for CBD beginners, or the full-size 30ml bottle.

Claudia Winkleman holding Cannaray CBD Oil

Night-Time CBD Oil Drops

Take this peppermint-flavoured oil just before or after you brush your teeth and hit the sheets. Blended with a premium dose of CBD, hemp seed oil and coconut oil, you'll love these dreamy CBD drops. They’re the one thing Claudia always keeps by her bed.

"If I know I’ve got a big day coming up then I love using the Night-Time CBD Oil Drops. Number one, it has sexy packaging. And it’s just next to my bed, so it’s super easy. From the minute I unfurl the packaging and squeeze the drops in my mouth, I feel like I'm really looking after myself. Oh, and the minty flavour is just divine.

Claudia Winkleman with Cannaray CBD Gummies

Bright Days CBD Gummies

I particularly love the CBD Gummies because they're super easy,” Claudia tells us, before confiding: “So this is going to sound excessive, but I've got a pack of gummies in my car and by the kitchen sink, so it's not a whole drama to find them. If I'm in the car, I just know that I can take them and they’re going to taste delicious.

And Claudia’s not kidding when she says they’re easy. Taking a gummy is like eating your favourite sweets; you just chew them whenever, wherever, and enjoy the juicy orange flavour. Take up to 3 per day from the 300mg jar, and up to 2 per day from the 900mg jar for the brightest burst of citrus.