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How To Use CBD Guide

If you’re wondering how to take CBD, there are three things you need to consider: the desired effect, the types of products to try, and the dosage best suited to you.

That’s why we’ve created this ‘how to take’ guide for beginners and pros alike – featuring tips on using an CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD gummies or a soothing CBD muscle balm.

How to Use CBD

If you're new to CBD, the best and most popular way to take CBD is as a CBD oil, although CBD gummies and CBD capsules are quickly growing in popularity.

Taking CBD oil is quick and easy; simply apply it sublingually, which means you squeeze it directly underneath your tongue (usually with a dropper). Hold it there for around 90 seconds, allowing it to absorb, and the oil will fast-track its way into your bloodstream.

Keep scrolling for our tips on using CBD products.

How to Use CBD Oil Drops

Onset: 5-20 minutes

Duration: 3-6 hours

With the highest bioavailability of all of our CBD products, the CBD Bright Days Oil Drops and Night Time Oil Drops are your go-to for quick, direct application. Squeeze a full dropper under your tongue and hold for 90 seconds to increase absorbency, or mix in with a latte or protein shake to experience a subtler effect.

Whether you’re taking the Bright Days or Night-Time formula, we recommend starting by following the instruction on pack, then levelling up or down as and when you feel like it.

Bright Days CBD Oil Drops:

  • For the 1500mg bottle, administer 1 full dropper measured up to the 1ml mark on the pipette (50mg CBD) directly beneath the tongue.
  • For the 500mg bottle, administer 2 x full droppers each measured up to the 0.5ml mark (25mg CBD per dropper) directly beneath the tongue.

Night-Time CBD Oil Drops:

  • For the 1800mg bottle, administer 1 full dropper (approximately 60mg CBD) directly beneath the tongue.
  • For the 600mg bottle, administer 2 x full droppers (approximately 30mg CBD per dropper) directly beneath the tongue.

How to Use CBD Edibles

Taking CBD edibles such as CBD Capsules or CBD Gummies is simple. If you’re using our Bright Days CBD Capsules, you can swallow one with water daily, then adjust the amount as and when needed. Meanwhile, if you’re taking our CBD Gummies, chew one at a time for juicy, fruity goodness. The onset time may be slower than a CBD oil, but the pre-measured dosage means you don’t even have to think about it.

How to Use a CBD Balm

It’s widely known that a massage can benefit sore, achy muscles, so why not add a CBD topical to this daily soothing ritual? Try applying the CBD Muscle Balm to shoulders – or anywhere you’re feeling some tension – starting with a generous scoopful smoothed liberally onto skin. The scent of eucalyptus is instantly calming.

When to Use CBD

When Should You Take CBD?

AM or PM? That’s the question when it comes to timing your CBD dosage. And, as with all things CBD, you just need to find what works for you and your body. If you tend to be a little bit forgetful with your supplements, team your daily dosage with another routine, like your morning coffee or brushing your teeth before bed. This makes it easy to remember.

Or, like our ambassador, Claudia Winkleman, you might prefer to take CBD at night. It all depends what you’re taking it for, and what works with your day-to-day routine.

There’s no wrong or right time to take CBD, but here’s a some tips to incorporate CBD into your daily routine, whether using our Bright Days or Night Time formulas.

Morning: Our Bright Days CBD oils, capsules and gummies don't contain caffeine so can be taken morning, noon or night. However, if you take your CBD in the morning and like a jolt of caffeine – then try adding a dropper of CBD oil to your daily latte, so you get the best of both worlds.

Evening: Our Night Time CBD oils are specially formulated to take in the evening, with a fresh peppermint flavour and added hemp oil. Here at Cannaray, we're also a huge fan of smoothing our CBD Muscle Balm into tired muscles at the end of a long day.

Want to find out more? Read our guide on the best time to take CBD.

Finding Your CBD Dosage

CBD is processed differently based on genetics and lifestyle, so it’s important that you personalise your CBD dosage based on how you respond as an individual. That’s why we recommend you start with a low application and build up gradually, finding a level that works uniquely for you – no one-size-fits all approach. We recommend using no more than 70mg per day.

Try your beginner dosage for one week, and make sure you track the experience in our 7-Day CBD Diary. You might find the starter dose is just right, meaning you can stick with it. If you do decide to increase the amount of CBD you’re taking, trial the new level for three days before deciding whether to dial it up again.

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