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Claudia Winkleman x Cannaray CBD range

It’s here. Introducing the NEW Cannaray x Claudia Winkleman collection, featuring skin-soothing topicals and mood-enhancing scented candles that bring joy to your everyday life.

The next step in our mission to make self-care simple, these wellness heroes are all about feel-good luxury – from the sumptuous softness of “the best lip balm you will ever use” (Claudia’s words), to the muscle-calming power of your next bathtime must-have.

So, join us as we explore the complete collection, co-created with Claudia. Introducing the three CBD bath & body and two CBD candles your wellness routine has been missing – until now…

Power Up and Power Down CBD Scented Candles

More than just scented candles, these CBD candles are mood-changers. They’re infused with fragrance blends that are scientifically formulated to leave you feeling more energised (with Power Up) or more relaxed (with Power Down).

“The mood-boosting technology in the CBD Power Up and Power Down candles is mind-blowing. They really work and smell unbelievable,” says Claudia.

Recharge with Power Up

“In here, you have Patchouli, Cardamom, Lime and CBD. It’s zingy. If you’ve been out the night before and need to go to work the following day, light it. Smell it. You’ll feel the same way you feel when you come out of a shower.”

Relax with Power Down

“It’s so amazing that I automatically want to speak slower when I talk about it... It’s a musky scent with Santal, Amber, Musk and CBD. At the end of a busy day, when you’ve done anything anxiety-inducing, this is the answer."

Lip Rescue CBD Lip Balm

From day one of working together, Claudia told us we had to make a lip balm. But not just any lip balm; it needed to be the ultimate balm that you’ll never want to be without. And so, Lip Rescue was born. Instantly nourishing, and light yet luxurious, it hydrates dry, chapped lips with a blend of antioxidants and a hint of minty shine.

“It’s not like the lip salves where it just puts a film on top,” Claudia says. “This really gets in.”

Bath Melt CBD Bath Bomb

Melt away life’s stresses in a milky, mood-calming bath with Bath Melt. This is the perfect CBD bath bomb for grown-ups; a fizzing wonder that softens skin, eases tension, and fills the room with a peace-giving fragrance blend of Santal, Amber and Musk.

“It’s got Chamomile, it’s got Coconut Powder, plus it’s got Epsom Salts so it relaxes your muscles,” Claudia explains. “I love using this in the bath before a nap.” It’s the dream for a pre-bedtime CBD bath too.

Hand Rescue CBD Hand Cream

You’ll want this hydrating hand cream in every bag you own. Hand Rescue is wonderfully weightless yet rich in restorative ingredients, with a nourishing blend of Jojoba, Poppy Seed and Hemp Seed Oils to leave hands noticeably smoother. Meanwhile a comforting blend of Eucalyptus and Cardamom veils your skin in the cleanest, subtlest scent, encouraging a moment of calm as you massage it in.

“We worked really hard on this and I know you will love it,” Claudia adds. “It’s so moisturising but never, ever sticky.”

Co-Created with Claudia Winkleman

We spent months working side by side with Claudia on these CBD candles and body products. And yes, it was every bit as magnificent as it sounds. Claudia wanted to co-create a collection that does more than just smell nice or look good – each product had to have a life-enhancing purpose too.

So, Claudia sniffed countless candles and tested endless lip balms to make it so. She even perfected the packaging, right down to the sleek Lip Rescue jar and perfectly-measured Hand Rescue pump. The result? A stylish range that truly delivers on skin-kind, mood-boosting benefits. Every texture, scent and ingredient has been carefully chosen to make you feel your best.

We can’t wait for you to try these products for yourself – and we’re certain you will love them as much as we do. Got any questions? Then reach out to us here, we’re always happy to help.

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