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Discovery Sizes

Don't know where to start? Try our Discovery Range. All of our best-selling CBD lines in smaller sizes. Perfect for CBD beginners.

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1. Our CBD oils are delicious

Say ‘goodbye’ to bitter-tasting oils. Our CBD oils are infused with fresh flavours, making every dropper a joy from AM to PM. The Bright Days CBD Oil Drops gives you a burst of zesty lime and aromatic juniper, while the Night Time CBD Oil Drops keeps your breath minty-fresh for bedtime.

2. They make CBD oil easy to take

Our CBD oils are quick and easy to enjoy. Simply measure out your CBD dosage with the built-in pipette, then squeeze the oil underneath your tongue for sublingual application. Hold it there for 90 seconds while the CBD absorbs, then swallow any oil that is left.

3. They’re packed with 100% THC-free CBD

We believe you should be able to buy CBD oils with confidence, so our team of scientists triple lab tests each of our formulas to ensure they’re 100% THC-free. They’ve even been given the seal of approval by ESSNA (the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance) for use in professional sports.

Why you'll love Cannaray CBD

1. Our CBD products are THC-free

So you can shop our CBD oils and edibles with confidence. They’ve even earned the seal of approval from ESSNA (The European Specialist Sport Nutrition Alliance) for use in professional sports.

2. Easy to use CBD products

We’re on a mission to make people feel more empowered to use and enjoy CBD. That’s why we offer our pure, premium CBD extract in formats that make your dosage simple. You’ve got the CBD Capsules (which you can swallow with water), the CBD Gummies (just chew and go) and the CBD Oil Drops (to squeeze underneath your tongue). To find out more, check out our How to Use CBD guide.

3. Our CBD is independently lab tested

Not all CBD products are made the same. That’s why, when buying CBD, it’s important you look for brands that consult with a team of scientific and medical experts. We’re proud to work with our Scientific Advisory Board to bring you the highest quality oils, edibles and topicals. They’re even independently lab tested to ensure only the best CBD extracts are found in your blends.

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