Scientific Advisory Board

Our Scientific Advisory Board

Meet the team of scientists and medical experts that help us supercharge our CBD.

Gregor Zorn Chief Science Officer Cannaray CBD

The Cannabinoid Expert

Gregor Zorn
Chief Scientific Officer at Cannaray

Gregor Zorn is our in-house CBD expert. With his background in biology, nutrition and cannabinoid therapy, he provides the most updated and comprehensive knowledge on CBD and how to use it.

Chronic Pain Experts Cannaray CBD

The Pain Experts

Dr. Ben Thomas & Dr. Daniela Tonucci
Consultants in Chronic Pain and Anaesthesia

Our resident pain experts, Dr. Thomas and Dr. Tonucci, have extensive experience working with medical cannabinoid therapies in the treatment of chronic pain.

Dr. Tonucci's Favourite Product: Bright Days CBD Oil Drops

Dr Balu | Cannaray Scientific Advisor for Mental Health & Anxiety

The Mental Health Expert

Dr. Balu Pitchiah
Consultant Psychiatrist

You might have spotted Dr. Balu giving advice on our Instagram Live over lockdown. He’s our go-to for all things mental health, with a focus on sleep disorders, anxiety and depression.

Dr. Balu's Favourite Product: Night Time CBD Oil Drops

Chronic Illness Experts Cannaray CBD

The Chronic Illness Experts

Dr. Andrew Aswani
Intensive Care, Anaesthesiologist

Dr. Emily Collis
Palliative Medicine

Dr. Collis is a Consultant in Palliative Medicine at University College London Hospitals, while Dr. Andrew Aswani is a Consultant in Critical Care Medicine and Anaesthesia at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and HCA (UK) London Bridge Bridge.

Dr. Collis' Favourite Product: Bright Days CBD Capsules


Dr Peter Laing | Cannaray CBD Scientist

The Formula Expert

Dr. Peter Laing
Drug Delivery Specialist

With a PhD from Bath University, Dr. Laing is a master of drug formulation. That’s why we turn to him for help with our CBD blends. He is an inventor of numerous patents in the fields of small-molecule and biological drugs. He also plays a mean guitar.

Simon Tallett Pharmacy Training Cannaray CBD

The Pharmacist Training Expert

Simon Tallett

There’s nothing Simon doesn’t know about CBD. That’s why we work with him to educate fellow pharmacists on the many ways our CBD oils, CBD capsules and CBD topicals can be used.

Simon Tallett's Favourite Product: CBD Capsules

Dr David Moorhouse | Cannaray Scientific Advisor for Neurological Conditions

The Neurology Expert

Dr David Moorhouse
General Neurologist

Dr David Moorhouse is an expert in neurological conditions, with a particular interest in neuropathy and peripherinal nerve injuries. He developed an interest in CBD and medical cannabinoid therapy when his Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinsons patients started to enquire about using the compound.