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CBD Strength Levels Explained: A Complete Guide

Not sure what CBD oil strength is right for you – or what that even means? You’re not alone; CBD strength can be confusing, so we’re here to break it down and make finding your level easy. Keep scrolling for our complete guide to strengths, ideal dosage, and the perfect products for your routine. With these tips, CBD strength just got a whole lot simpler…

CBD oil strengths explained

So, what does CBD oil strength actually mean? It’s about the volume of CBD found in an oil. For example, a 5000mg CBD oil might sound like it’s high strength, but if it’s in a 500ml bottle, that’s just 10mg of CBD per 1ml dropper. To understand the strength of your CBD, it’s important to know how much you’re getting per 1ml dosage (our recommended daily amount). This can usually be done by dividing the total number of milligrams by the millilitres found in the bottle – or by reading the tips below.

Which CBD oil strength is right for me?

At Cannaray, we have two strengths of CBD oils for you to choose from: the Bright Days CBD Oil Drops and the Night-Time CBD Oil Drops. Each of those oils comes in two sizes, a trial-sized 10ml bottle and a full-sized 30ml bottle. Here’s how to figure out their strengths, and which is right for you:

Bright Days CBD Oil Drops

Sizes and strengths available: the discovery-sized 10ml bottle containing 500mg of CBD, and 30ml bottle containing 1500mg of CBD.

What this means: While the 30ml bottle of Bright Days CBD Oil Drops contains more CBD overall, you’re getting the same 50mg strength per 1ml dosage as you would from the 10ml bottle. The difference is one is mini (yet mighty) enough to fit in your pocket or take on a flight, while the other lasts longer and works out cheaper per mg of CBD; ideal if you’re taking CBD every day.

Why you’ll love these drops: With a zesty lime and aromatic juniper flavour, what’s not to love? You’ll also find an infusion of coconut oil in there to boost absorbency (and adds to the delicious taste).

Night-Time CBD Oil Drops

Sizes and strengths available: the discovery-sized 10ml bottle containing 600mg of CBD, and 30ml bottle containing 1800mg of CBD.

What this means: Our Night-Time CBD Oil Drops gives you 60mg of CBD per 1ml dropper, and this is the same whether you shop the 10ml bottle or 30ml bottle. This makes it our highest-strength CBD oil; ideal if you want more plant power before you go to bed.

Why you’ll love these drops: Teaming high-strength CBD with absorbency-boosting coconut and hemp oils, the Night-Time CBD Oil Drops also features a fresh peppermint flavour that won’t clash with your toothpaste.

What’s the maximum strength CBD oil available in the UK?

There’s no rule for how much CBD can be packed into a bottle of oil in total. Because of this, it’s important to find oils that make measuring easy, so you can stay within the limit. The built-in pipettes and instructions on our CBD Oil Drops are designed for quick, simple dosage that fits the guidelines. Taking 1ml per day will give you 50mg of the Bright Days oil or 60mg of the Night-Time tincture.

Other CBD product strengths

Wondering how the CBD Oil Drops measure up against our other CBD products? These are the strengths for every supplement in our collection…

Our regular strength CBD

If you’re looking for moderate strength CBD that’s easy to build up, turn to the Bright Days CBD Capsules 600mg. There are 60 capsules in a jar, meaning you get 10mg of CBD per tablet. We recommend taking two per day for a 20mg serving.

You could also try the jar of 30 Bright Days CBD Gummies 300mg. With a juicy orange flavour and 10mg of CBD per Gummy, they make taking a daily supplement fun.

Our regular strength CBD

While our Bright Days and Night-Time CBD Oil Drops are our highest strength products, the jar of 30 Bright Days CBD Gummies 900mg comes close, giving you 30mg of CBD per Gummy. Taking two per day will give you 60mg of CBD in total; perfect if you prefer chewing a sweet on the go to swallowing an oil.

Understanding CBD dosage

Now you understand CBD strengths, it’s time to get your measurements just right. Read our guide on how to find the ideal CBD dosage – just for you.

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