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Claudia Winkleman's Cannaray CBD Routine

Claudia Winkleman's Cannaray CBD Routine

Written by Zara Akhtar
November 04, 2023
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  • Claudia Winkleman

It’s no secret that Claudia Winkleman is a big fan of CBD. In fact, she’s been taking it since 2020, when her cousin first sent her a bottle of our Bright Days CBD Oil Drops. Before long, she was reaching out to Team Cannaray to say how much she was loving her CBD oil. Then, next thing you know, she was leading the CBD Revolution, encouraging you all to add CBD to your routine.

Most recently, she's partnerned with us to create a CBD bath, body and lifestyle collection, featuring skincare saviours and mood-enhancing CBD candles that reach her (wonderfully high) standards. Spoiler alert: you will love them.

But, with so many Cannaray CBD products now available – from icons to new additions – how does Claudia make them part of her routine? Here are just some of the ways CBD enhances her daily life…

Claudia’s CBD Routine

On a day off

Claudia says her day often starts with “a decaf coffee with about 17 sugars – because why not? Life’s too short.” She adds: “Then I go and do the school run, come back, have a nap, and speak to about three of my girlfriends for quite a long time. After that I do a bit of work, reading out loud. I might have a spray tan, I’ll talk to my parents, I’ll have an enormous lunch, then another nap.

“By then, it’s time to pick up the kids and try to help them with their homework. I read all the time, then I’ll have a hot bath and take one of the Bright Days CBD Capsules. After that, I get into bed… That’s my routine and it works for me."

Before a busy day

We all have our ‘night before a hectic day’ routines. For Claudia, it involves an early bedtime and the Night-Time CBD Oil Drops, featuring soothing peppermint. "If I know I’ve got a big day coming up then I love using the Night-Time CBD Oil Drops. Number one, it has sexy packaging. And it’s just next to my bed, so it’s super easy.

“From the minute I unfurl the packaging and squeeze the drops in my mouth, I feel like I'm really looking after myself. Oh, and the minty flavour is just divine.”

When winding down is needed

Claudia’s schedule is no joke. So how does she relax after a frantic day? “This is Power Down,” she says while holding the creamiest, dreamiest CBD candle around. “Even when I hold this, I feel calm.

“It’s so amazing that I automatically want to speak slower when I talk about it... It’s a musky scent with Santal, Amber, Musk and CBD. At the end of a busy day, when you’ve done anything anxiety-inducing, this is the answer.

“It will immediately relax you. Actual scientists that wear lab coats not as a joke have said this is mood-enhancing.”

When energy levels are low

It’s hard to imagine Claudia with anything less than 110% energy, but we all have those days. For her, the Power Up CBD Scented Candle is the solution. “In here, you have Patchouli, Cardamom, Lime and CBD. It’s zingy. If you’ve been out the night before and need to go to work the following day, light it. Smell it. You’ll feel the same way you feel when you come out of a shower.”

Before a much-needed nap

“I love a bath before a nap,”Claudia admits. But not just any bath; she uses the Bath Melt CBD Bath Bomb because “it’s got Coconut Milk, plus it’s got Epsom Salts so it relaxes your muscles.” The Coconut Milk works wonders at softening your skin, so you emerge from your CBD bath feeling velvety soft, and the Santal, Amber and Musk fragrance matches the Power Down Candle to deliver calming benefits. Drop it into your bath, let it work its fizzing magic, then lie back and relax for at least 20 minutes. It’s like bringing a spa into your home.

All day, every day

It’s always the right time for lip balm and hand cream in Claudia’s books. That’s why she never goes a day without using the Lip Rescue CBD Lip Balm and Hand Rescue CBD Hand Cream. These two saviours for instant skin soothing were non-negotiable additions to Claudia’s collection. She’s a self-confessed hand cream and lip balm addict, so they had to be made – and they had to be good.

“I’m obsessed with lip balm. I’ve written articles about lip balm, like 5,000 words long about lip balm. Lip Rescue is the best one you will ever use. It’s dazzling in its goodness and it makes your lips so soft. It’s not like the lip salves where it just puts a film on top. This really gets in.”

Meanwhile, Hand Rescue is the ultimate hand cream. “We worked really hard on this and I know you will love it,” Claudia says. “It’s got Poppy Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil and CBD. It’s so moisturising but never, ever sticky.” The dream.

Now that you’ve got all the details on Claudia’s CBD routine, it’s time to perfect your own. If you’re just starting out, take a look at our how to use CBD guide, featuring all the tips you could possibly need.

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