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5 of the Most Common CBD Myths – Debunked

5 of the Most Common CBD Myths – Debunked

Written by Zara Akhtar
May 26, 2023
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What CBD myths have you heard? There are plenty of rumours surrounding this power-packed compound, from whether or not it’s legal to what it tastes like. (Ours is delicious, FYI.)

So let’s get the story straight by debunking five of the most common CBD myths. No more rumours – it’s time to get familiar with the facts.

Cannaray CBD Gummies 300mg

Myth #1: CBD Tastes Bad

It’s a no from us. While some CBD oils have a hempy, earthy flavour, there’s also a bevy of delicious-tasting blends out there – including our CBD Oil Drops. Choose the Bright Days oil for a refreshingly zesty lime and juniper flavour, or go to bed with the Night Time blend, which we’ve infused with fresh peppermint. If you prefer taking tablets or capsules, the Bright Days CBD Capsules are flavour-free, while the Bright Days CBD Gummies are a juicy orange flavour. You won’t find any hempy flavours here.



Cannaray CBD Day time Oil

Myth #2: CBD Will Get Me ‘High’

Because CBD is extracted from hemp, there’s a common misconception that CBD is going to make you feel ‘high’. However, whether this is a myth or not comes down to the blends you use. What you’re looking for is products with no THC, because this is the compound that’s responsible for that ‘high’. Hemp plants have very little THC on their leaves, stems and flowers, and we make sure you won’t find any in our CBD blends. So the answer is ‘no’ – Cannaray CBD, which is THC-free, will not produce any intoxicating effects.

CBD for golf discovery oil and capsule Cannaray CBD

Myth #3: CBD Will Always Show Up in a Drugs Test

Drug tests do not screen for CBD - as CBD is not a drug. However, depending on the CBD brand and product you purchase, some CBD can contain traces of THC; another compound found in hemp which is screened for on drug tests.

All Cannaray CBD products are classed as THC-free – and lab tested for purity by an independent, accredited laboratory in the UK. Cannaray CBD are also proud members of The European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA), which is dedicated to preventing doping in sports.

Selection of Cannaray CBD Products

Myth #4: CBD Products Are All the Same

This is a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answer. While all of our products contain the same Gold Standard CBD, each format offers different benefits, from varying onset times to extra ingredients. There are unique reasons to love each one, so here’s what you need to know:

CBD Oil Drops: Oils tend to be faster-acting than CBD edibles, so dose up with a tincture for speedy effects. We love the Bright Days blend for a citrus burst, or the Night Time oil for a peppermint flavour and a boost of hemp oil.

CBD Capsules: Not only do the capsules offer pre-measured dosage that’s ultra-quick and discreet; they’re also supercharged with an immunity-enhancing blend of vitamin D3, vitamin C and zinc.

CBD Gummies: They’re fun, they’re fast and they’re packed with fruity flavour. Need we say more? If you’re looking for the sweetest way to take CBD, these juicy gums have you covered.

Holding CBD Capsule in Hand

Myth #5: CBD Dosage is the Same for Everyone

While we recommend all CBD beginners start low and go slow with their CBD dosage, you may want to adjust that amount over time to find a level that works for you. For some, that might be just one morning dropper of CBD oil per day, while for others it could be a combination of a day time CBD capsule and a bedtime drop of Night-time CBD oil. Simply follow the starting-out dosages below, track the experience with our seven-day CBD diary, then level up as and when you feel you need to. It’s all about listening to your body.

Bright Days CBD Oil Drops: Two droppers of the 500mg formula or one full dropper of the 1500mg formula.

Bright Days CBD Capsules: Two capsules per day.

Bright Days CBD Gummies: Up to three juicy gummies per day of the 300mg jar, or two per day from the 900mg jar.

Night Time CBD Oil Drops Two droppers of the 600mg formula or one full dropper of the 1800mg formula.

For more info on decoding your dosage, you can also check out these easy-to-follow guides:

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