The Gold Standard

We create our products to the highest quality to ensure your peace of mind

Pioneering the Future of CBD

At Cannaray, we are committed to developing next generation products with advanced technologies to help you get the most out of CBD. Unlike other popular extraction methods that use CO2 and ethanol, our non-hazardous extraction process (NHE) results in a chemical-free product. We utilise a high pressure and low temperature strategy without using harmful solvents. This proprietary extraction method brings you a CBD extract that meets all of the UK’s retail standards.

Our CBD products contain THC-free, broad spectrum extract, which means they contain naturally occurring compounds found in the plant.

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Traceable CBD from Farm to Store

Our partner farms are required to link each step of their production and processes through a traceable serial number. Our standard operating protocol is to routinely check and track the product from source until final product. Each product is clearly marked with a best before date and batch number.

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We advocate a holistic, balanced approach to living happier every day.

Learn more about our CBD Vegan Capsules and our CBD Curcumin Capsules which are enhanced with a multi-patented technology to increase the bioavailability of CBD.

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