Is CBD legal?

by Cannaray Wellness Editor, Zara Kenyon

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**Of the many questions asked around CBD, the legality and safety of the compound is one of the most common questions for beginners or those new to the compound. **

The legality of CBD can still be confusing, but CBD is completely legal in the UK. Here we break down some of the rules by country, and go into detail about exactly what the laws are in the UK.

So let's dive in and myth bust some of the more negative stigmas associated with CBD.

Is CBD Legal?

Yes,CBD is legal in the UK. It’s only products containing THC that are not permitted and we’re pleased to say that Cannaray lab tests all our CBD products with an independent laboratory to ensure our products are THC-free. We publish all the lab reports on our website so you can be sure that what is stated on our products is exactly what is inside.

Is CBD Safe?

People often misassociate CBD with the negative stigma of cannabis. The important thing to remember is that CBD is known to be safe. It doesn't provoke any intoxication or cause any of the so-called “high” associated with cannabis. Studies have also shown that CBD has no addictive properties. It is therefore not accurate to compare it to any type of recreational drug that has these negative effects.

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CBD & Novel Foods

As a food supplement, Novel Foods regulation applies to the entire CBD industry. It states that any novel foods that were not in human consumption before 1997 are to be regarded as “novel”. Other novel foods you may be familiar with are chia seeds, which have been consumed in Central American cultures for centuries but have only become popular in UK diets in the last decade.

CBD was in human consumption before 1997, but not in the various forms that it is now in the UK. This means that CBD has been deemed a local food that cannot be used in human consumption without the necessary Novel Foods approval. Part of this approval includes detailed safety studies, lab reports and certificates of analysis. Cannaray CBD submitted its novel food dossier and received validated status in 2023.

How does Novel Foods affect the CBD industry?

Different countries have been given different rules and time frames on how to implement the new rules.

In The United States, the laws can be even more confusing because every state has its own laws. In February 2020, Trump signed a law into the Farm Bill, containing a provision legalising hemp in order to fuel the CBD trade.

On February 13th 2020, The Food Standards Agency (FSA) set a deadline for the CBD industry in the UK. They stated that the industry must submit all novel food applications by 31st March 2021.

In the interim period, CBD products may remain in the UK market provided they are safe, correctly labelled, and do not contain substances that fall under drugs legislation. After 31st March 2021, only products that have submitted a valid application will be able to remain.

In addition, the FSA provided extra safety advice to consumers, by way of recommending those who are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking any medication not to consume CBD products.

This is good news for customers, suppliers and retailers alike to ensure all CBD products are safe, accurately labelled and fully traceable. Cannaray CBD has committed to producing Gold Standard CBD products from day one and we will continue to produce CBD products of the highest quality that our customers can trust. All Cannaray CBD ingestible products are fully compliant with the FSA Novel Food process and are validated on the FSA public list.

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