Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil: How Are They Different?

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Hemp oil and CBD oil are the same thing… right? We’re here to debunk that myth. Find out why they’re completely different, plus how they can give one other a boost in our complete hemp oil guide…

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What is Hemp Oil?

Also known as hemp seed oil, hemp oil is extracted from – you guessed it – the seeds of hemp plants. It’s a buzz-worthy ingredient that can be taken solo or combined with other health-boosting heroes. Sprinkle it on food, add it to a drink or take it sublingually (underneath your tongue). It can even be applied onto skin as a hardy hydrator that soothes a dry complexion.

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Is Hemp Oil the Same As CBD Oil?

Don’t go thinking CBD oils and hemp oils are the same. While they’re both sourced from hemp plants, CBD comes from the flowers, while, as we mentioned, hemp oil is extracted from the seeds. In short, they’re two very different substances with two very different purposes. And, what’s more, they’re both believed to interact with your body in very different ways.

For example, CBD is a cannabinoid – while hemp seed oil is not – so CBD is thought to have a unique relationship with your body’s built-in endocannabinoid system (ECS). Through this system, naturally-occurring endocannabinoids bind to receptors to maintain internal balance. Some studies suggest that CBD, as an external cannabinoid, may be able to activate these receptors too.

Because hemp oil doesn’t contain cannabinoids, it can’t interact with the ECS. However, it can boost the effects of your CBD. But more on that below...

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Does Hemp Oil Contain CBD?

Unless it’s been added in, hemp oil or hemp seed oil doesn’t usually contain CBD. You might find trace amounts, but not enough for the compound to have an effect on your body. To get the most from cannabidiol, we recommend picking up a specialised CBD oil instead, which could have hemp seed oil added in as a secondary supercharger.

This way, the hemp oil boosts the absorbency of the hero compound, CBD, so more of it is able to make its way into your bloodstream – and fast. Such blends give you all the reported benefits of a CBD oil, but with the efficacy-boosting power of a fatty acid-rich hemp seed oil.

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How Does Hemp Oil Boost CBD?

If you’re wondering how hemp oil boosts the efficacy of CBD, we’ve got three words for you: ‘fatty acids’ and ‘bioavailability’. What is bioavailability, you ask? It’s the rate at which CBD absorbs and takes effect in your body. The higher the bioavailability is, the more effective your tincture will be.

Now, a CBD extract isn’t easily absorbed by your body on its own. That’s why we put it into our CBD Capsules and CBD Gummies or mix it with supercharged carrier oils. The raw extract is fat-soluble, which means it dissolves in fat rather than water. For this reason, it needs to be mixed with a fat-soluble oil, which will carry it into the proper tissues. Hemp oil is one such oil that’s able to make CBD more accessible by your body, which allows you to unlock more of that hemp-boosted goodness.

However, at Cannaray, our go-to carrier oil is coconut oil, which you’ll find in each of our CBD Oil Drops formulas – from Bright Days to Night Time. This is because it’s packed with medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), which means it rapidly breaks down and absorbs into the body compared to its long-chain triglycerides counterparts.

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So, How Shall I Try Hemp Oil?

To make our Night Time CBD Oil Drops even more effective, we’ve combined our signature coconut carrier oil with hemp oil, which bumps up the bioavailability. That means, if you want to reap the benefits of hemp oil, this pepperminty tincture is your new must-have. Try the trial-size 10ml bottle for a taste, or go all in with our 30ml blend. Sweet dreams.

Up next: Discover how long CBD stays in your system with our dedicated journal.

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