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We’ve covered ‘the what’, ‘the why’ and ‘the how’ when it comes to CBD. Up next: ‘the when’. At what time of day should you be taking your daily dose? All the answers are here, from how to time your CBD intake for maximum impact, to how it works in the morning vs. evening. Read on for the complete guide…

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There’s No Wrong Time to Take CBD

CBD usage is virtually foolproof. You can take it in the AM without worrying it might make you drowsy, or in the PM without fear of a sleepless night. Because CBD is all about creating a balance within your body, it’s not going to throw your routine off course. If anything, it should help you keep on track.

However, there are a couple of questions to ask yourself when figuring out a CBD routine:

  • What am I taking it for?
  • How long before I want to feel an effect?

If you’re taking it for day-to-day, overall wellness, you can use it any time to keep your body topped-up. If you're wondering when to take CBD before sleep, you may want to consider the difference in onset time between oils and capsules (but more on that later). CBD tends to work best when you’ve got a consistent schedule going, but adding on-the-go dosage is also useful for targeted benefits.

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Timing For Effects

The effects of CBD aren’t instant, but they do kick in quickly. By working out the onset times for each CBD product, you can time your dosage perfectly. As a general rule, CBD oils act faster than CBD capsules or edibles, and the timings vary from one brand to the next.

Here’s your easy onset guide for the Cannaray collection:

CBD Oil Drops (Brighter Days or Night Time): 30 minutes – meaning you should take a dropper (or two) of oil around half an hour before you hope to feel an effect.

CBD Capsules and CBD Gummies: Up to one hour – but it can be as little as 15 minutes. Then you should feel the effects for between four and six hours.

Keep it Consistent

‘Start low, go slow, and keep consistent’ is our mantra when it comes to CBD dosage. There is evidence the compound is cumulative, meaning it can build up in your system over time. So, if you don’t notice much of an effect the first time you use it, stick with it for at least three weeks. Dose up at the same time(s) daily, tracking your experience in our 7-Day CBD Diary.

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Take CBD in the Morning If…

You Tend to Save Your Supplements For the AM

Don’t break your routine; taking CBD alongside your daily multivitamin will help you turn that daily dropper of oil or capsule into a morning ritual. Basically, what we’re saying is this: if you take your supplements alongside your AM coffee, adding CBD to that line-up will make it much easier to remember. (That’s half the battle, right?)

You’re Looking For Calm in the Chaos

Sometimes, just the simple act of taking a supplement can help you chill out. It’s all about that moment of self-care. That second where you go ‘but first, let me take CBD’. Hit pause on the mid-morning rush and squeeze a dropper of oil underneath your tongue. We’ve been taking the CBD Brighter Days Oil Drops between Zoom calls for a quick pick-me-up.

You’re Warming Up For a Workout

If you’re an early-rising runner or a crack-of-dawn yogi, you might find that giving yourself a (quick) morning massage helps your muscles loosen up much quicker. A speedy pre-workout rub-down is said to limber you up, so you’re ready to go. Try it with a scoopful of the CBD Muscle Balm, working it into any tight, achy zones.

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Take CBD in the Evening If…

You’re Dealing With End-of-Day Aches

Because the busy day struggle is real; trying giving yourself a massage in the evening. Warm the CBD Muscle Balm in between palms, then rub it into anywhere you’re feeling tension. This might be the back of your neck, your shoulders or even over-typed hands. The tingle of eucalyptus in the balm will help to relax you in no time.

You’re in Need Of a Wind-Down

Laptop closed, work done – what next? If you find it difficult to wind down and de-stress in the evening, try taking CBD as soon as the daily grind is over. Some studies and surveys even suggest it can help to ease feelings of anxiety. In one survey of 72 adult patients, 79.2% of participants reported decreased anxiety levels after one month of taking CBD capsules. Try it for yourself any time of day – evening included. We’re big fans of a citrus-fresh dropper of the Brighter Days Oil Drops once 5pm hits.

You Want to Try CBD for Sleep

Let’s refer back to the research above. As well as reduced anxiety levels, 66.7% of participants reported they were sleeping better during the study. And, while further research into the link between CBD and sleep is in its infant stages and by no means proven, you’ve got nothing to lose by trying it out for yourself. Try squeezing a dropper of the CBD Night Time Oil Drops underneath your tongue after brushing your teeth. With a minty-fresh flavour, it’s the perfect pillow partner. Sweet dreams.

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