When is the Best Time to Take CBD: Morning or Night?

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Once you know how to take CBD, you might be wondering when to take it. And, if you want the short answer, it's this simple: there is no wrong or right time to take CBD.

You can enjoy it in the morning without any worry that it's going to make you feel drowsy, or you can schedule it in for the evening without any fear of sleepless nights.

The perfect time to take CBD is the one that fits into your lifestyle. It's really as easy as that. So, follow these tips to pick a time – and a CBD product – that works with your routine...

How to take CBD Oil | Cannaray CBD

So, When Should You Take CBD?

There are two ways to decide what time of day to take your CBD:

  1. Your first option is to consider your lifestyle, your habits and (let's be honest) how good you are at remembering supplements. While there's no universal 'right' time to take CBD, there might just be a uniquely right time for you and your routine.

  2. Your second option is to base it on how long your CBD product takes to digest. For example, if you know you want it to be digested by 9am, you need to line up your CBD dosage in advance. CBD gummies, CBD oils and CBD capsules each have their own digestion times, so keep reading for all the tips you need to perfectly time your dose.

How to take CBD Oil | Cannaray CBD

Take CBD as part of your morning routine if…

You save all your supplements for the AM

Don't break your routine; if you usually take supplements in the morning, you can do the same with your CBD oil, CBD capsules or CBD gummies. Try pairing it with another ritual, like your AM coffee or multivitamin. Teaming CBD with your usual line-up of pick-me-ups will make it that much easier to remember. (That's half the battle, right?)

You're due some early self-care

It's all about that moment of self-care on a busy day – that second where you go ‘but first, let me take CBD'. Hit pause mid-morning and squeeze a dropper of the Bright Days CBD Oil Drops underneath your tongue. Or, if you need an AM energy boost, take two Bright Days CBD Capsules, which are packed with 225% of your daily dose vitamin C to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

These CBD supplements also feature 500% of your daily vitamin D3 kick for immunity support, as well as 300% of your daily mind-kind zinc boost. Talk about a healthy start to your day.

You're warming up for a workout

If you're an early-rising runner or a crack-of-dawn yogi, you might find that giving yourself a (quick) morning massage helps your muscles loosen up much quicker. A speedy pre-workout rub-down is said to limber you up so you're ready to go. Try it with a scoopful of the CBD Muscle Balm, working it into any areas of tension first thing.

Bed in dappled sunlight

Take CBD as part of your evening routine if…

You need to massage away end-of-day aches

Because the busy day struggle is real, try giving yourself a massage in the evening. Warm the CBD Muscle Balm between palms, then rub it into anywhere you're feeling tension and muscle pain. This might be the back of your neck, your shoulders or even over-typed hands. The relaxing scent of eucalyptus in the balm will help you to re-centre in no time.

Your wind-down routine needs an upgrade

Laptop closed, work done – what next? Try taking CBD as soon as the daily grind is over as part of your self-care routine. Try it for yourself any time of day – evening included. We're big fans of a peppermint-fresh dropper of the Night-Time CBD Oil Drops once 6pm hits, and our brand ambassador Claudia Winkleman is a big fan too. "If I know I’ve got a big day coming up then I love using the Night-Time CBD Oil Drops," she says. "Number one, it has sexy packaging. And it’s just next to my bed, so it’s super easy."

You believe in the soothing power of a bath

There's no better place to end your day than in the bath. Add in the CBD Bath Melt, and your wind-down routine gets an even dreamier upgrade, all thanks to the melt's calming aroma. Infused with Coconut Milk and Chamomile, the scent is scientifically proven to make you feel more relaxed. Breathe in, breathe out, and lie back as the comforting fragrance fills the room and indulges your senses. Meanwhile, an infusion of Epsom Salts gets to work on tired muscles, helping to melt the stress of the day away. Soak and relax, then head to bed.

Keep Your CBD Dosage Consistent

‘Start low, go slow, and keep consistent’ is our mantra when it comes to CBD dosage. We help you track your experience and keep your daily CBD consistent with our 7-Day CBD Diary.

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How long it takes for CBD to digest

Do you want your CBD to be digested by a certain time? Then knowing when to take CBD means understanding how quickly each product absorbs. As a general rule, CBD oils have the fastest digestion time, but CBD capsules and CBD gummies aren't far behind if you prefer an edible.

These are the timings you need to know for each type of product:

Bright Days CBD Oil Drops: 30 minutes – meaning you should take a dropper (or two if you are using our 10ml bottles) of oil around half an hour before you want the CBD to absorb.

Night-Time CBD Oil Drops: 30 minutes. So, if you take these soothing peppermint-flavoured oils as part of your pre-sleep routine, make sure you allow half an hour for them to digest.

Bright Days CBD Capsules: Up to one hour. Swallow two capsules per day with water for a boost of CBD, plus immunity-supporting, energy-boosting vitamins.

Bright Days CBD Gummies: Up to one hour. Chew up to three gummies per day from the 300mg jar, or up to two gummies per day from the 900mg jar.

Cannaray Night Time CBD Oil 1500mg

Keep your CBD dosage consistent

‘Start low, go slow, and keep consistent' is our mantra when it comes to CBD dosage. We help you track your experience and stick to your daily routine with our 7-Day CBD Diary. Whether you take CBD in the morning or the evening, keep to that timing for at least one week to see how it suits you. After that, if you feel you want to, you can switch and try something new. Before long, you'll find

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