How Fitness Experts Use CBD After a Workout

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Zara Kenyon

It’s not just the health and wellness world that has been hailing the benefits of CBD. Fitness experts — from golfers to skiiers to runners — have been using it as part of their regular workout regimen, too.

But, why exactly? CBD before and after a workout can help in various ways, from enhancing a post-cardio massage to giving your daily protein shake a boost. Here, we explore how CBD is making waves in the fitness industry, so you too can work it seamlessly into your exercise routine.

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1. CBD Oil in Protein Shakes

First, let’s focus on the benefits of protein shakes. One analysis of 49 studies supports the use of protein supplements to help with muscle growth, while other researchers report that they aid muscle recovery. Gym-goers drink them at all times; in the morning to power through early AM workouts or, sometimes, just before bed to help their body refuel.

And, now, they’re adding CBD to their shakes, too. This can be done with an oil, like the CBD Oral Drops, which come with a marked dropper for easy measuring. While experts usually recommend combining CBD oil with a MCT carrier oil to increase bioavailability, our drops contain coconut oil, so no need for the extra step.

Simply whip up your usual protein shake, with two full droppers of the CBD Oral Drops added. The oil has a slight Juniper Lime taste, so it works well with other fruit or citrus flavours. You can also squeeze it directly into a shop-bought shake, giving the bottle or cup a little stir to mix the oil in.

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2. CBD Before a Workout

Did you know? A pre-workout massage can help to stimulate circulation and warm up muscles, making you a little more limber for a yoga class or cardio session. This should never be done to cover up pre-existing pain in order to push through a workout, but it may be helpful if you’re struggling with certain stretches or find DOMS (delayed-onset muscle soreness) a problem.

More and more fitness lovers are turning to CBD topicals to enhance these pre-workout massages, as it’s believed the CBD can interact with localised cannabinoids receptors in the skin. Try massaging the CBD Skin Cream into areas that need warming up, and the soothing motion (along with the cooling eucalyptus) will help to ease tight muscles. We recommend applying generously, making sure you don’t wash it off; the formula is lightweight and non-greasy enough to be worn underneath your gym gear.

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3. CBD After a Workout

Nothing soothes tired muscles like a massage, and nothing enhances a massage like a balm. Our go-to is the pleasingly cooling, eucalyptus-infused CBD Muscle Balm. Perfect for when you want to give yourself a massage, a generous scoop is enough to help fingertips smooth over sore shoulders, tight necks and achy limbs, working out knots.

According to a study by the Journal of Athletic Training, doing a massage as soon as possible after a workout can reduce DOMS by 30%. Use light, gentle strokes, rubbing along your muscles with your palm or your fist in the direction of your heart. That means up legs and arms with sweeping, kneading gestures.

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4. CBD Between Workouts

In a study on curcumin's effects pre- and post-exercise, it was discovered the compound (found in the spice turmeric) may increase muscle performance and decrease the subjective perception of muscle pain. For this reason, it’s a popular supplement for gym-goers, and even more so when combined with CBD. We use it in our CBD Curcumin Capsules, along with 5x VESIsorb ® technology, which makes it up to 5x more absorbent than traditional CBD supplements. Plus, it’s quick and easy to take when you’re rushing from gym to desk to drinks. Simply take one per day, then vary depending on how it works for you.

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5. CBD While Playing Golf

Though it seems like a slow and steady game, few sports work as many muscles or require more strenuous movement than a competitive round of golf. Just one hit, and every body part – wrists, knees, backs, shoulders, elbows – feels the impact of the swing and the power of the ball as it comes into contact with the club. As a result, golf injuries are rife.

However, more and more pro golfers are turning to massage to soothe tweaked wrists, elbows and knees, using CBD topicals to help work away tension. The likes of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have also been spotted taking CBD oil on the course, hailing a range of benefits and uses of CBD for golf.

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6. CBD While Skiing

Cold-weather sports, like skiing and snowboarding, can cause the muscles to contract and tighten up, which is why an aprés ski soak in a hot tub is often recommended. But a new trend is rising amongst skiers: using CBD when hitting the slopes, whether that means taking a capsule at the chalet or actually dosing with the oil on-piste.

A big part of your post-ski self-care routine involves putting moisture back into wind-chapped skin, and turning to supplements to induce a sense of wellbeing. Apply the CBD Skin Cream to parched patches of skin on hands and body. Then, add the CBD Oral Drops to your hot chocolate while you wind down for the evening.

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7. CBD Kits for Fitness

Want an easy way to start using CBD before and after a workout? Discover The Fitness Kit; a brand-new exercise-approved collection with a 20% saving on the Oral Drops, Muscle Balm and Curcumin Capsules. While the products individually cost £150, the complete comes in at just £120. The ideal collection for gym-goers.

Plus, to celebrate our partnership with The PGA (The Professional Golfers’ Association), we’ve curated two kits of golfing must-haves for pro and amateur players alike. There’s The Golfer’s Kit, which includes the CBD Oral Drops (750mg) and CBD Muscle Balm. Meanwhile, The Pro Golfer’s Kit features the Muscle Balm, Curcumin Capsules and the supercharged 1,500mg version of the Oral Drops.

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