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4 CBD Bath Bomb Benefits for the Most Relaxing Soak

4 CBD Bath Bomb Benefits for the Most Relaxing Soak

Written by Zara Kenyon
January 12, 2024
  • Healthy Living

Want to know the benefits of CBD bath bombs? We’ve got you covered with our complete guide to a soothing soak. Read now!

Cannaray CBD Bath Melt in hand

Just when you thought lying back in the bath couldn’t get any more indulgent, our latest CBD bath bomb comes along to take relaxation to a whole new level.

Part of our CBD bath and body collection, the Bath Melt CBD Bath Bomb is a soothing, fizzing, fragrant wonder that leaves you feeling more relaxed. So, let’s explore the CBD bath bomb benefits you need to know – and why it’s perfect for post workout (or post busy week) recovery…

1. It soothes sore muscles

It’s a well-known fact that a warm bath is great for soothing and relaxing your muscles – but choose a CBD bath bomb with added comforting ingredients, and you’ll get double the benefits. That’s why you’ll find a dose of Epsom Salts in the CBD Bath Melt; a milky, melting, muscle-soothing bomb that eases tension away. It’s great for loosening tight limbs after an intense workout, or for melting away life’s daily stresses at the end of a fast-paced week.

Top tip: Follow your relaxing bath with a quick CBD massage while muscles are still warm. A scoop of the CBD Muscle Balm will help fingertips work into the tightest knots for extra tension-releasing benefits.

2. The calming fragrance fills the whole room

To enhance a CBD bath bomb’s relaxing powers, pick one with a delicate yet evocative fragrance. A dreamy aroma that makes your bathroom feel like a spa, and promotes a sense of well-being. With the Bath Melt, you’ll be comforted by notes of Santal, Amber and Musk; a blend that’s scientifically formulated to make you feel calmer. In fact, it matches the fragrance of the Power Down CBD Candle, so if you want to set the most peaceful scene, you can team them up for the ultimate soothing soak.

Top tip: If you’re enjoying a pre-bedtime CBD bath, why not add the Night-Time CBD Oil Drops to your wind-down routine too? They’re peppermint flavoured, so they can even enhance the minty-fresh taste of your toothpaste.

3. It’s kind to your skin

As the Bath Melt CBD Bath Bomb fizzes in the tub, it releases a skin-softening blend of Chamomile and Coconut Milk, which leaves your limbs feeling velvety soft. Make sure you gently pat your skin dry – don’t rub – when you step out of the water, so all that hydrating goodness can be deeply absorbed by your skin.

4. It encourages ‘me time’

Maybe it’s mind over matter, but the very act of indulging in a CBD-infused bath feels special. It’s time you’ve taken just for you; something too few of us do amidst the chaos of everyday life. If you find any spare time gets lost to doom scrolling, make sure you always have a Bath Melt CBD Bath Bomb in your home. It will act as a gentle reminder to use your spare time for relaxing – something all of us need.

Cannaray CBD Bath Melt

Try this CBD bath bomb ritual

Ready to make the Bath Melt CBD Bath Bomb part of your weekly routine? Here’s a tried and true ritual that gets Team Cannaray prepared for a busy week ahead…

1. Make the time

Even the busiest amongst us usually have a window of spare time to relax each week. Protect it. Make an appointment with yourself to indulge in a weekly CBD bath. It could be a Sunday night, or a spare hour after a workout. By making it routine, you’re more likely to reap the self-care benefits of a regular soak.

2. Set the mood

Whatever it takes to put yourself in a tranquil state of mind, do it pre-bath. Light the Power Down Scented Candle. Put your phone away. Switch on some music. Grab a book to enjoy while you soak the time away. We recommend preparing ahead for the moments after you get out of the bath too, whether that means picking up the ‘floordrobe’ in your bedroom or putting freshly washed sheets on the bed before you relax in the tub.

3. Draw and drop

Now draw your bath. You want the water to be warm but not too hot, as hot water can dry out your skin and set your heart racing (which is not relaxing). Once the water is ready, drop the Bath Melt in and get yourself comfortable in the tub. Allow it to gently fizz away while you lie back and enjoy the calming aroma.

4. Head to bed

Pat skin dry after you get out of the bath, and segue from soothing soak to sleep routine with a few quick wind-down steps. For us, that means rubbing the CBD Muscle Balm into achy muscles, then reaching for our Bedtime Bundle, featuring the Night-Time CBD Oil Drops and Panda London’s silky-soft Bamboo Eye Mask. We’ll take one dropper of the minty oil, then lie back in bed and slip on the light-blocking mask. Nothing makes us feel better prepared for a good night’s rest.

Up next: Looking for more ways to relax? Discover our complete guide to natural home remedies for anxiety.

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