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Marking a Milestone for the UK Cannabis Industry

Marking a Milestone for the UK Cannabis Industry

Written by Zara Kenyon
April 30, 2024
  • Cannaray CBD News

Cannaray, a pioneering leader in the UK's burgeoning CBD industry, is thrilled to announce a significant achievement in its journey towards regulatory compliance. The company's Novel Foods application (RP350) has progressed from the risk assessment phase to the risk management stage. This advancement marks a crucial milestone not only for Cannaray but also for the entire CBD category in the UK.


The Novel Foods application (RP350) is one of just two which have so far successfully navigated the rigorous evaluation process, demonstrating Cannaray's commitment to meeting and exceeding regulatory standards. This milestone underscores the company's dedication to ensuring consumer safety and product quality in an evolving regulatory landscape.



"This advancement to the risk management stage is a testament to Cannaray's unwavering dedication to excellence and compliance," said Howard Radcliffe, MD of Cannaray. "We are proud to be at the forefront of driving innovation and establishing best practices within the UK CBD industry. This achievement not only validates our efforts but also reinforces our position as a trusted leader in this rapidly growing sector."


Cannaray's Novel Foods application (RP350) represents a comprehensive and meticulously crafted submission, reflecting the company's deep understanding of regulatory requirements and its commitment to transparency and integrity. The application encompasses detailed scientific data, rigorous testing protocols, and comprehensive safety assessments, ensuring that Cannaray's products meet the highest standards of quality and compliance.

The advancement of Cannaray's Novel Foods application to the risk management stage is a significant milestone for the UK CBD industry. Whilst this stage does not yet mean that the application is fully approved by the FSA (with all the resultant benefits such as being fully authorised and open to the creation of new formulations), it’s a significant step forwards towards full authorisation and represents meaningful progress for the category. As regulations evolve and consumer demand continues to grow, achieving regulatory compliance is essential for businesses operating in this space. Cannaray's success helps to move the UK CBD industry forwards, demonstrating that adherence to regulatory standards is not only achievable but also essential for long-term success and sustainability.



"We believe that regulatory compliance is paramount to building trust and credibility with consumers, regulators, and stakeholders," added Radcliffe. “We are delighted that the FSA have successfully assessed our application and look forward to the further opportunity this brings Cannaray in the expanding wellness category”.


As Cannaray continues to lead the way in regulatory compliance and product innovation, the company remains committed to its mission of providing safe, high-quality CBD wellness products to consumers across the UK and beyond. With the advancement of its Novel Foods application to the risk management stage, Cannaray is poised to further solidify its position as a trusted leader in the fast-growing cannabis market

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