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7 Natural Ways to Boost Energy Levels – and Fast

7 Natural Ways to Boost Energy Levels – and Fast

Written by Zara Kenyon
September 14, 2023
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Whether you're eyeing up a third cup of coffee by lunchtime or yawning your way through mid-morning meetings, you know when your energy levels are starting to flag. But the answer to boosting energy isn't found in another caffeine hit; there are plenty of other, natural ways to fight tiredness and fatigue.

Here, we're revealing the seven tips that will help you feel energised day to day – from the vitamins your tired body needs, to the pre-bedtime tricks that help you drift into a deeper sleep...

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1. Engage in regular exercise

You might be thinking that exercise will only make you feel more tired, but physical activity can actually have a stimulating effect on your body and mind. First up, it can lead to higher levels of dopamine in the brain, which boosts your mood and has an uplifting effect. Plus, all that extra oxygen pumping around your body gives your cells more energy to burn. Try to get your heart rate up at least once per day – even just a power walk will help – to reap the energising rewards.

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2. Lighten up the load

If just looking at your to-do list is making you feel tired and overwhelmed, it's time to find ways to trim it down and prioritise the tasks that really matter. We know this isn't always easy to do, but start by highlighting the things that you can delegate to others. Whether it means asking for help at home or at work, it's a necessary move for your own mental wellbeing.

Then, reorder the tasks that are left so you're tackling the top priorities first. Streamline (AKA remove, where possible) the lower priority jobs to make your list more doable. Suddenly, your load will be lighter, your daily routine won't seem so tiring, and you might even feel more energised and motivated.

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3. Take the right daily supplements

You know that vitamins and minerals are good for you, but how do you pick the right ones? If your goal is higher energy levels, you need to reach for Vitamin C and Vitamin B6. They're each responsible for the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, making them daily essentials for a busy lifestyle. You'll find 225% of your daily recommended dose of Vitamin C in the Bright Days CBD Capsules, alongside mind-kind Zinc and immunity-supporting Vitamin D3.



Cannaray CBD Capsules

4. Drink plenty of water

Tiredness is one of the biggest symptoms of dehydration, so if you feel fatigue kicking in, you might need to top up your hydration levels. Even mild dehydration can leave you flagging, so make sure you're drinking at least eight glasses of plain water (no flavours, no sugary drinks) steadily throughout each day to improve your energy levels.

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5. Eat often throughout the day

If energy is a daily struggle, try eating smaller but more frequent meals each day. This gives your body and brain a steady supply of nutrients, and helps to maintain more balanced blood sugar levels. Even just a small snack of fruit and nuts after breakfast or lunch can give you a quick boost, so you don't feel that hunger slump or find yourself so sluggish after one big, hearty lunch.

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6. Stick to one cup of coffee per day

While coffee can help fight fatigue and perk up brain function, you might find yourself in a vicious cycle of bad sleep if you drink it too often. So, stick to one or, at the most, two cups of coffee per day – preferably before 2pm. You can still enjoy that short-term burst of energy without setting yourself up for a restless night.

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7. Improve your sleep pattern

It goes without saying that more rest = improved energy levels. But let's be honest: not all of us are getting the uninterrupted eight hours of sleep we do desperately need. So, if you're struggling with fatigue, it's time to give your sleep pattern an upgrade (or a complete overhaul). These are just some of the good habits you can try when you go to bed tonight:

  • Pack your phone away: Not only does your phone give off blue light that disrupts your circadian rhythm (your internal body clock), but it's also a time-sucker that can keep you scrolling in bed for hours on end. So, if you find your phone is throwing off your wind-down routine, try packing it away at least two hours before bed. If you can, leave it outside the bedroom so you're not tempted by one last look.
  • Boost your sleep hygiene: Keep your bedroom as clean and clutter-free as possible. That means always getting into a made bed, with no clothes left on the floor, and with the window open to let some fresh air in (as long as it's not too cold!).
  • Give yourself a soothing massage: Feeling tense after a long day? Give yourself a massage with the CBD Muscle Balm; a eucalyptus-infused, melting wonder balm that helps you tackle a tight neck, sore shoulders, and any other problem areas.
  • Avoid alcohol before bedtime: Alcohol leads to dehydration, cue major fatigue. That's why, when you drink it before bed, you're likely to fall asleep quickly but wake up feeling more tired. If you have been drinking close to bedtime, sip plenty of water before you sleep. This will help to fix some of the energy-busting dehydration by keeping hydration levels topped up overnight.

Up next: Keep fighting fit with expert advice on how to support your immune system.

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