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Try These Tips to Relax After Working From Home

Try These Tips to Relax After Working From Home

Written by Zara Kenyon
September 09, 2021
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While some workers have returned to their pre-COVID offices, many of us are still dialling into Zoom calls and shooting out emails from the comfort of our homes. However, merging work life with home life isn’t always the dream it first appeared to be. That’s why we’ve pulled together this guide on how to relax after a day of remote working. Try these tips...

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Is Working From Home Stressful?

While bidding farewell to long commutes is a major pro of remote working, it still comes with its own set of challenges. Namely, spending more time alone and having your flat or house double up as your office. Communicating with colleagues may be trickier without having that face-to-face contact, while switching off proves more difficult than ever when your chill space is also your workplace.

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So, How Do You Relax After Working From Home?

Setting boundaries is key. While it might be tempting to head back to your desk after dinner or reply to just one more email, it’s important to give your mind and body some time to relax. By being strict (with yourself and with others) when it comes to finishing on time, you draw a clear line between your work hours and your personal hours.

4 Work From Home Tips

Make WFH work for you by introducing these new habits to your daily routine…

1. Create a Doable To-Do List

Plan ahead by creating a to-do list at the start of your day. Try to allocate time slots to each task, so you can figure out what fits into your working hours. Be realistic and don’t let it go over.

2. Set an End of Day Reminder

Schedule an alarm for 10 minutes before your work day ends. When it goes off each evening, begin wrapping up tasks and jotting down any notes you need to remember for the next day. Get those thoughts down on paper so you’re not thinking about them through the evening.

3. Pack Your Laptop Away

Don’t leave it out on your dining table desk; put your laptop in a drawer and pack your notes away. If you have an at-home office, tidy up and then shut the door on that room for the rest of the day.

4. Go for a Walk

You may not have a commute anymore, but at least you can pretend. Get outside and go for a walk, even if it’s just for 10 minutes a day to breathe in fresh air and move your legs. When you get home, your workspace will be packed out of sight, and you can instantly get into chill mode.

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How Do You Unwind When Your Day Has Been Stressful?

Finishing on time isn’t always easy – especially after a hard day’s work. But, if you’re up working late and you’re feeling stressed, it’s still important to follow with a wind-down routine to ensure you avoid bedtime burnout. This doesn’t need to be a lengthy ritual; just something to break up work time and personal time. Try 10 minutes of meditation or giving yourself a neck massage to loosen up tension. (Just add our CBD Muscle Balm.)

We also recommend setting your phone aside to give your eyes and brain a break from screen time. Instead, engage in an evening routine of brushing teeth, squeezing the Night Time CBD Oil Drops underneath your tongue, dimming the lights, and reading (or listening to) a book until you're ready to go to sleep.


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How Do You Overcome Fatigue After Working From Home?

Avoiding post-WFH fatigue begins during your working day. Take steps to make your 9-5 a little less stressful by creating a calming, cohesive workspace. Make sure you always start with a good breakfast, a tidy desk and maybe even a lit candle. Play relaxing music, and don’t be afraid to take calls with your camera off when you need to.

It’s also important to step away from the screen during your lunch break, and do something that’s just for you. Try adding micro-breaks after conference calls, too. Finally, figure out the times when you feel the most productive during your day, then shuffle your tasks and meetings accordingly. It’s all about working with your mind – not against it.

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