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Can a Good Night's Sleep Boost Your Immunity?

Can a Good Night's Sleep Boost Your Immunity?

Written by Zara Kenyon
January 24, 2023
  • Healthy Living

Find yourself catching one too many colds every year? It could be time to book yourself a few early nights. Discover how good-quality sleep can boost your immune system and why a good snooze might be as important as your daily dose of Vitamin C.


The importance of sleep for our overall wellbeing is no secret, with health specialists, sleep coaches and medical studies singing the praises of getting enough quality shut-eye.

“You’ll feel better in the morning” is advice we are all familiar with, and for good reason. While we are sleeping, regenerative functions kick in inside our tired bodies. From muscle repair, clearing out waste to replenishing cells, sleep is the ultimate night doctor. Let’s take a closer look at why getting better sleep is essential for health.

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Why is good sleep essential for health?

From the moment we wake up our brains and bodies are constantly working for us. Sleep is what powers us up to take on that morning workout and tick off our to-do lists. Not having those recommended seven to eight hours can leave you feeling slow and sluggish. Low mood, irritability, sugar cravings? These are all common symptoms of lack of sleep. Naturally, over time poor sleep can have a severe impact on our health.

Your immune system is one of the body’s primal ways to keep healthy. An incredible defence system against infections, bacteria and disease. During certain stages of your sleep cycle, this defence system is being repaired and strengthened to keep you fighting fit. Keeping to a consistent sleep schedule and optimising every moment of rest, from your room temperature to a comfortable mattress, will make sure your immune system performs at its best.

How to prioritise sleep and boost immunity

If you find you’re regularly not getting enough sleep, you could be leaving yourself vulnerable to infections and more sick days than those getting their recommended hours. The good news is there are some simple ways to prioritise rest and strengthen your immune system.

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1. Keep bedtime consistent

Going to bed at different times every night can make it very hard for our bodies and minds to know when it’s time to shut down. Getting into a consistent bedtime routine will eventually help you drift off more quickly. The body loves regularity, especially when it comes to sleep. Allow yourself sufficient downtime between work and hitting the hay, and create a regular night-time routine to help you get ready for bed. Think a cup of chamomile tea, a dropper of Night-time CBD oil and a silky, soft eye mask before you turn off the lights.


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2. Take your vitamins

We all know that when the kids go back to school, or winter bugs start whipping round the office, that we all need a helping hand to keep our immune system firing.

Both Vitamin C and Vitamin D3, found in our Bright Days CBD Capsules, contribute to normal function of the immune system, so why not combine your daily dose of immune supporting vitamins with your CBD?


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3. Listen to your body

As the seasons change, so do we. The amount of rest and types of food and exercise we need from month to month can fluctuate - and that’s ok. Learning to listen to your body and allowing it to rest more, especially during the colder months, is important in taking care of your immune system.

Other factors, from ageing to how much we are taking on at work, can also affect how much sleep we need to keep our immune systems at their best. Remember to check in with yourself every day. It doesn’t all have to be go-go-go. Some days are made for duvets and ice cream - dig in and enjoy. Sometimes, the magic of going slow is just what you need to keep that healthy glow!

Ashley Brown is a sleep expert and Head of Content at bamboo sleep brand, Panda London. Her writing covers sleep, sustainability and all things cosy. She loves to share the magic of bamboo and the timeless benefits of a good night's kip. When not writing you can find her enjoying good coffee, nipping around London and hanging with friends.

This article was edited by Cannaray from the original version on Panda London.

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