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Can I Use CBD in Sports?

Can I Use CBD in Sports?

Written by Zara Kenyon
April 11, 2023
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CBD in sports has been a hot topic this year, after being accepted (for the first time in history) at the ‘2020’ Olympic Games. More and more athletes are stepping up to praise the plant-powered compound for its ease of use. But what are the rules – if any – for taking CBD for fitness? Here’s what you need to know...

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Can Athletes Take CBD?

Yes – any athlete can take CBD or use CBD topically, no matter what sport they’re playing. ESSNA has partnered with Cannaray to promote CBD for use in both professional and amateur sports so you can take CBD before or after yoga, football, ballet, skiing… the list goes on.



Is CBD Prohibited in Sports?

No. In fact, CBD was removed from the World Anti Doping Agency's List of Prohibited Substances in 2018, and given the go-ahead for use in professional sports. A greater understanding of the compound – and a flurry of studies surrounding its benefits – have led to it becoming a staple in both pro and amateur sports.

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So, It Won’t Show Up in a Drugs Test?

Drugs tests don't screen for CBD, as it's not a banned substance in sports. Anti-doping tests are looking for THC in your system, and using products with less than 0.03% THC means you’ll get the all-clear. At Cannaray, we lab test all our CBD products to ensure our blends are THC-free – from our CBD gummies to our CBD topicals. We’re even approved by ESSNA European Specialist Sport Nutrition Alliance, who are as passionate as we are about anti-doping in the fitness world.

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Fight Fit with a CBD Vit Hit

If you’re looking to start small (literally), opt for the Bright Days CBD Capsules in a trial-sized 200mg jar, which holds 20 capsules in total. It’s the perfect pick for beginners. These CBD supplements give you a quick hit of vitamin C and vitamin D3; two healthy heroes known for helping to support your immune system. They’re also said to contribute to normal cognitive function, which may improve your concentration, so you can bring your A-game to every sport.

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Try the CBD Sports Kit

Fuel your fitness further with the CBD Sports Kit; a dynamic duo of CBD blends that are just the right size to toss in your gym bag. The kit teams the Bright Days CBD Capsules with the Bright Days CBD Oil Drops; a zesty, citrus-flavoured oil that tastes ultra-refreshing when you’re hitting half-time or finishing a run. Use the products in tandem or mix and match them depending on your mood. We rate a combo of Capsules in the morning, followed by a post-workout dropper of CBD Oil.

Up next: Discover 5 of the most common CBD myths. (Spoiler alert: we’ve debunked them all.)

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