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How to Reduce Stress: 10 Tips to Try Now

How to Reduce Stress: 10 Tips to Try Now

Written by Zara Kenyon
April 04, 2024
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We all get stressed at times. Even when it's over a seemingly trivial problem, those worries aren’t something you can just switch off; you need tools and tactics up your sleeve to help you through. So, here, we’re sharing expert advice on how to stop stressing over the small stuff; the everyday niggles and challenges that, when they stack up, can feel overwhelming. Try these easy, speedy tips…

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1. Call your friends and laugh

When we asked our Brand Ambassador and CBD superfan, Claudia Winkleman what she does to de-stress, the first thing she told us is: "I think the most important thing to combat stress is to laugh, if you possibly can."

Claudia added: "Sometimes when it's insurmountable and you feel overwhelmed, the best thing you can do is phone a friend and rant and share, and hopefully it will end up with laughter and possibly mayhem. I'm incredibly lucky that I have a gang of girls who I've had forever and we look after each other. Talking to them and listening to them is genuinely the key."

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2. Prioritise the tasks that matter

Whether it's work that's stressing you out or a seemingly endless list of life admin, the best thing you can do is try working smarter, not harder. Take a look at your to-do list, and prioritise the tasks that truly matter. Push them to the top and shuffle the less essential tasks down to the bottom. Don't be afraid to delegate too; so many of us elevate our stress levels by taking on too much and never asking for help. Speak up, lean on your support network, and stop saying 'I'm fine'. It's okay to accept help.

Group Exercise

3. Find a good distraction

If you can, make time for distractions. Regular exercise is our go-to, as it refocuses the mind on a physical activity rather than whatever is causing the stress. Plus, it boosts blood flow and oxygen to your brain, which triggers the release of 'feel good' serotonin and endorphins. Try anything that gets your heart rate up, such as running, jogging, power walking or swimming.

Need a quicker, on the go solution? Make like Claudia who says: “I like to play any word games on my phone, because that sort of zones me out." This is a great trick for when you're on public transport and feeling stress levels creep up, or when you're on your lunch break and a quick breather from back to back tasks.

4. Take the right vitamins and minerals

Give your body the support it needs in everyday life by taking the right vitamins and minerals. Here’s your AM to PM routine for round-the-clock care:

The Sleep Gummies: If stress is affecting your sleep – or lack of sleep is causing you even more stress – the Sleep Gummies are another great addition to your wellness routine. Chewing two of these mixed berry-flavoured gummies before bed gives you a rest-supporting infusion of calming Vitamin B6, plus mind-kind Zinc to contribute to normal cognitive function.

Bright Days CBD Capsules: Start your day with the Bright Days CBD Capsules, which are packed with Zinc for mental support, as well as Vitamin C to reduce stress-induced tiredness and contribute to normal psychological function. It's no wonder Claudia is such a big fan. “I love the CBD Capsules because I get a huge return for very little effort," she says. "It’s the same reason I like napping. Everything's just sorting itself out and I don't even need to get involved... They [also] make me less panicky about the fact that I don't really believe in a tomato.”


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5. Write down the positives

Sometimes, it’s hard to see the positives through a grey, heavy cloud of overwhelming stress – but they’re there. Maybe not all the time, but each day has something good in it. So, when you’re feeling flustered and frustrated, try writing down three things that have gone well, or have made you smile, or that you feel grateful for. Taking time to think about the good can change your whole perspective.

You could also keep a stress diary, which is much more optimistic than it sounds. It involves writing down your worries and how you handle each of them, so you can build up a clear idea of what your stress triggers are. If patterns start to form, then you'll know what key stress causes you need to tackle. Plus, you can see which stress management tactics worked best for you, and use them more in the future.

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6. Put your phone down

Doom-scrolling on your phone could be increasing your stress levels. In fact, a 2021 review of literature revealed that several studies link excessive phone use with feelings of stress. It’s not always the case – a fun game or a debrief with the group chat can be a great distraction. But instant access to work emails and the dreaded Insta-comparison may be bringing you down. So, if you find you’re always reaching for your phone when you’re stressed, and not feeling any better afterwards, try limiting the scrolling. Some smartphones even let you set time limits on your apps – ideal if you often lose track of screen time.

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7. Cut back on caffeine

Bad news for coffee lovers: caffeine might be dialling up your feelings of anxiety. So, if you feel jittery after your morning cappuccino, it might be time to switch to decaf. You can still get a natural energy boost from a hit of Vitamin C. That’s why we’ve loaded the Bright Days CBD Capsules with a huge 225%(!) of your daily Vit C dose. Take two each morning to start the day on a bright (not buzzy) note. With water, a decaf latte or a herbal tea, they’re the perfect AM pick-me-up.

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8. Get outside

Ahh, fresh air. There’s a reason you feel so relaxed after a countryside getaway; studies show that getting out in nature can have a stress-relieving effect. We’re not all lucky enough to live near a forest or have scenic walking trails on our doorstep, but you can find green spaces anywhere. Even a trip to the local park or a botanical garden will quiet a busy mind. Take the time for a 10-minute walk through the park (at least) or, if you have more time, plan a weekend hike. Then, switch your phone on ‘do not disturb’ to really focus on the calm of nature.

Self Compassion

9. Try relaxation techniques

Okay, okay – relaxation exercises aren't for everyone. In fact, Claudia confessed to us: "I tried to meditate once, I lasted 4 seconds and it was genuinely hilarious."

But some do hail the benefits of deep breathing exercises and, frankly, you lose nothing by giving them a go to see if they help you in stressful situations. So, if you're interested, try these steps when you're overwhelmed:

  • Start with deep belly breathing. Allow your breath to flow as deep down into your belly as feels comfortable. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  • Try counting from 1 to 5 as you take a gentle breath in, then go from 1 to 5 again as you breathe out.
  • Keep doing this for at least 5 minutes. You should feel your racing heart rate start to steady and your levels of stress dial down with each passing minute.
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10. End the day on a calm note

When stress levels are high, a restful night's sleep can feel impossible. That's why it's important to end your daily routine with a little night-time peace and quiet. Claudia's advice? "Go to bed with a book. Not your phone. It doesn't matter that your friend’s doing a star jump in front of a sand dune on the other side of the world. You can find that out and like it tomorrow. Just settle down with your book.”

Make sure you've brushed up on your sleep hygiene, too. Some of the night-time changes you can make right now include:

Cannaray CBD Bath Melt with ingredients

Winding down in the bath

On those especially stressful days, it can feel like only a pre-bedtime bath will help. But not just any bath; a CBD bath with the Bath Melt CBD Bath Bomb is the ultimate de-stresser. It gently fizzes in the tub to release a skin-softening blend of Chamomile and Coconut Milk, plus an infusion of Epsom Salts that relieves pent-up tension in tight muscles. For the final soothing touch, the mood-enhancing scent of Santal, Amber and Musk fills the room and your senses, which is scientifically proven to make you feel calmer. Want to truly set the scene? Then try also burning the Power Down CBD Scented Candle while you soak. Its scent matches the Bath Melt, so those peace-giving, relaxing benefits are multiplied.



Claudia Winkleman Cannaray Power Down CBD Candle

Keeping a regular bedtime

We're creatures of habit and respond well to solid routines, so try to head to bed and wake up at the same time every day to keep your body clock in check. Embrace small wind-down habits too, like taking a dropper of the soothingly minty Night-Time CBD Oil Drops or two rest-supporting Sleep Gummies before you tuck yourself in.


Enhancing your environment

Banish the floordrobe and make your bedroom clean and tidy every day. A clear space is a calm space, so give yourself the best chance of a restful night by turning your room into a cosy sanctuary. Mess can also heighten stress levels, so even a quick tidy-up may improve your quality of life. Of course, when life is overwhelming, you might not have the time or energy. In this case, start small and accept any help where it's offered.

Turn down lights and sound

Another easy way to improve sleep and, in turn, your stress levels is to make sure any bright lights or irritating noises are switched off. Even the standby light on your TV or the hum of outside traffic can throw off your rest, so make sure everything is switched off and grab your earplugs to shut out unwanted sounds. Lack of sleep can heighten feelings of anxiety and stress, so it's important to get plenty of uninterrupted shut-eye every night.

Now you know how to lower levels of stress with these relaxation tips, why not explore more ways to boost your wellbeing? Check our guide on how to support your immune system.

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