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Can You Take CBD Oil and CBD Gummies at the Same Time?

Can You Take CBD Oil and CBD Gummies at the Same Time?

Written by Zara Kenyon
December 22, 2022
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From the way they taste, to the way you take them, to the amount of CBD inside – there are plenty of differences between CBD oils and CBD gummies. They’re so different, in fact, that you might end up wanting to add them both to your daily routine, so you can reap each of their unique qualities.

But can it be done? Here we reveal everything you need to know about taking CBD oils and CBD gummies together, so you can enjoy each of your favourite blends with total confidence.

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Can you combine different CBD products?

Yes, you can. In fact, we do it all the time at Cannaray HQ, mixing and matching our CBD oils, CBD capsules and CBD gummies to work with our mood. But, to combine different CBD products, you need to keep the amounts you’re taking in mind, as we recommend using no more than 70mg of CBD per day. That means just making a quick mental note of how many CBD gummies you’re chewing or how much CBD oil you’re measuring out, so you can make sure the milligram maths adds up right.

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What are the benefits of taking CBD oils and CBD gummies together?

The benefits of taking CBD oils and gummies are worth the few seconds of maths, because they each offer up their own individual benefits. For example, CBD oils give you a high bioavailability rate, which means they absorb fast to work into your system effectively. CBD gummies, on the other hand, serve up a fun and delicious way of enjoying the compound that’s also ultra-discreet if you like to take them at your desk. (They’re a deskside staple for us!) And, if you’re taking the Bright Days CBD Oil Drops and Bright Days CBD Gummies, you’ll also find the two juicy, fruity, citrusy flavours complement one another perfectly. You’ve got zesty lime and aromatic juniper in the CBD oil, and a burst of tangy orange in the CBD gummies.


Are there any downsides to taking CBD oils and CBD gummies together?

There are no downsides – especially when you stick to the same CBD brand. By doing so, you know you're getting the same quality compound from every CBD oil dropper and every CBD sweet. At Cannaray, we’ve designed all of our CBD products to work in harmony with one another – and you can even buy our CBD oil and CBD gummies together in our Bright Days CBD Starter Kit. (Psst… you also get £7 OFF versus if you shop the products separately.)

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Tips for taking CBD oils and CBD gummies at the same time

Now you have the full lowdown on taking CBD oils and CBD gummies together, try one of these quick and easy daily routines…

Bright Days CBD Oil Drops + CBD Gummies

This citrus-flavoured dream team can be taken at the same time or spread throughout your day. Simply measure out 1ml/50mg of Bright Days CBD Oil Drops and chew two 10mg CBD Gummies from the 300mg jar for 70mg in total.

Night-Time CBD Oil Drops + CBD Gummies

Take one of the 10mg CBD Gummies from the 300mg jar in the morning or afternoon, then enjoy 1ml/60mg of the Night-Time CBD Oil Drops before you go to bed. Simple.


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