How Long Does CBD Take to Work?

Did you know? CBD works similarly to other food supplements and is usually absorbed or digested by your body around 20 minutes after taking it – although this can vary, depending on the type of CBD product you use. For example, the sublingual application of CBD oils means they work faster (5-20 minutes) than, say, CBD capsules or CBD edibles, which have slightly longer digestion times.

But there’s more. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about the rate that CBD takes to digest, so you can plan your daily routine just right. Keep scrolling for the full lowdown…

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Zara Kenyon

If there’s one thing that CBD beginners – and even the pros – find confusing about taking the compound, it’s understanding how long their favourite products take to be absorbed or digested. There’s a lot of conflicting information about how long CBD can take to work, both in the short-term and the long-term (when you’ve been taking CBD for a number of weeks).

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So, How Long Does CBD Take to Work?

Like with all food supplements, it’s all relative to the type of product you use, as well as how you use it. For example, one of the big benefits of CBD oils is that they’re able to be taken sublingually (underneath your tongue), which helps to speed up the absorption. Knowing how long each CBD food supplement takes to digest in the body is the key to finding a routine that works perfectly for you. Take note of the timings below, so you can time that daily dropper, capsule or gummy just right.

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How Long for CBD Oils to Work?

Digestion time: 5-20 minutes

Of all the Cannaray CBD products we offer, our CBD Oil Drops are the fastest-absorbing, as long as you squeeze the oil underneath – not on top of – your tongue. Hold it there for 90 seconds, so the CBD can be absorbed into your bloodstream, then swallow whatever is left. Good news: the CBD oil you swallow will taste delicious. The Bright Days CBD Oil Drops feature a zesty lime and aromatic juniper flavouring, while the Night Time CBD Oil Drops are peppermint-fresh, perfect for taking after you’ve brushed your teeth.

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How Long for CBD Capsules to Work

Digestion time: 15-60 minutes

With the same digestion time and serving size (two per day for 20mg) as CBD Gummies, the Bright Days CBD Capsules are your go-to for a flavour-free option. Our brand ambassador, Claudia Winkleman, says they’re her favourite because “they’re clean and they feel like excellent value. They seem to last forever and I always know where I am with them.”

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How Long for CBD Gummies to Work

Digestion time: 15-60 minutes

It might take a little bit longer for Bright Days CBD Gummies to be digested, but they’re so quick, easy and fun to take. Just chew three per day for a 30mg serving that tastes like the sweetest oranges.

How Often Do You Need to Take CBD?

If you’re asking how often to use CBD in one day, then there’s no right or wrong answer. However, we do recommend taking no more than 70mg in one 24-hour period.

By following this guideline, you could enjoy one full 50mg dropper of the Bright Days CBD Oil Drops in the morning, followed by two 10mg Bright Days CBD Gummies in the afternoon. Or, if you’re all about your wind-down routine, one pre-bedtime 60mg dropper of the Night Time CBD Oil Drops can also be followed up by one of the 10mg Bright Days CBD Capsules the next morning. And, of course, you don’t have to hit 70mg at all; you might find just 20mg per day works for you. It’s all about listening to your body to find your perfect routine.

But what about your ongoing routine? Each time you try a new level (for example, 20mg at first), stick with it every day for one week, and track how you feel in our 7-Day CBD Diary. If you feel you want more, dial it up by 10mg, and assess for another week. Soon, you’ll find a CBD routine that works just for you.