What Does CBD Isolate *Actually* Mean?

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Dr Peter Grinspoon, Harvard Medical School

CBD iso-what? With so many versions of this plant-powered compound, you might be wondering what CBD isolate is, and how it differs from broad-spectrum and full-spectrum blends. In short, it’s the purest, most potent form of CBD available. But there’s so much more to this hemp-boosted hero than that. Here’s what you need to know...

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What is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is a crystalline or solid powder made up of 99% pure CBD, which has been carefully extracted from flowering hemp plants. The popular cannabinoid is cleansed from the flowers of the plants, refined to achieve purity, then added to a CBD capsule, a CBD gummy or a CBD oil to make dosage easy and speedy.

But what really sets CBD isolate apart from full-spectrum and broad-spectrum blends is how potent and pure it is. Waxes, oils and other cannabinoids are stripped away, so you’re left with just a concentrated dose of the main, active compound. And potency is just one of the benefits of CBD isolate. There are many other reasons why it might be the go-to form for CBD fans.

What are the Other Benefits of CBD Isolate?

Cannaray Bright Days CBD Oil Drops 1500mg with Juniper & Lime

1. Flavour

"The raw CBD extract that is found in many waxes and oils has a strong, bitter flavour of earthy hemp that many people dislike, and prefer to avoid in their self-care routines." says Dr. Peter Grinspoon, Scientific Advisor to Cannaray CBD. However, because CBD isolate is free of any other, taste-altering compounds, it tends to be flavourless. No earthy taste here – this pure dosage is clean and easily mixed with sweeter notes. That’s why, when we add in the citrusy flavour to our Bright Days Oil Drops or the peppermint freshness to our Night Time Oil Drops, no hints of hemp interfere with those subtly-sweet tastes.

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2. THC-Free

One of the biggest reasons CBD isolate is gaining buzz right now is because it’s completely THC-free. That means, when you’re taking it, you won’t experience any intoxicating effects. When all those waxes and oils are filtered out, the THC (or tetrahydrocannabinol) goes along with them. And, while this can be true for full-spectrum or broad-spectrum blends too, the pure isolate gives you that extra confidence. This is why CBD isolate is favoured by athletes and other professionals that require regular drug testing, as there is no risk of THC being present in any drug tests when using a CBD isolate product.

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3. Easy to use

Mix CBD isolate with a carrier oil, like coconut or hemp oil — plus a delicious flavour — and you’ve got an easy-to-take tincture that you can drop right beneath your tongue. Simpler still; it can be added to CBD capsules for dosage that’s swallowed with water, or infused in a fruit-flavoured CBD gummy for the sweetest kind of self-care you’ll ever enjoy. This powder or crystalline form of CBD is perfect for creating these types of quick-to-use products that fit seamlessly into your AM to PM schedule. No wonder it’s so popular.

How to Use CBD Isolate

At Cannaray, we use pure, premium CBD isolate in all of our products, meaning you can get that pure, potent dose in a variety of methods. Take your pick...

How to take CBD Oil | Cannaray CBD

Bright Days CBD Oil Drops

Our juniper lime-flavoured Bright Days CBD Oil Drops combine CBD isolate with coconut oil for a burst of citrusy joy. Squeeze two droppers from the 10ml bottle or one full dropper from the 30ml bottle underneath your tongue each day, then wait 90 seconds for it to absorb. Swallow whatever is left.

Taking Bright Days CBD Capsules Cannaray

Bright Days CBD Capsules

The supercharged Bright Days CBD Capsules team pure CBD isolate with a raft of immunity-supporting ingredients, such as vitamin D3, vitamin C and zinc. Plus, your dosage is pre-measured, making the capsules ultra-easy to take. Swallow two per day for 20mg of CBD.

Cannaray CBD Gummies

Bright Days CBD Gummies

Name a more enjoyable way to take CBD than with these vegan CBD Gummies. We’ll wait. They’re fruity and juicy, with a sweet orange flavour and 10mg of THC-free CBD isolate per gummy. Chew up to three per day for a daily dose of 30mg that can be mixed and matched with other CBD products up to 70mg a day. They’re a deskside essential at Cannaray HQ.

Cannaray CBD Oil for Night Time

Night Time CBD Oil Drops

We’ve mixed CBD isolate with coconut oil and extra hemp oil in the Night Time CBD Oil Drops, then sprinkled in a hint of peppermint that’s perfect for post-teeth brushing dosage. Take two droppers from the 10ml bottle or one full dropper from the 30ml bottle before you slide (or crash) into bed every night.

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