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Can You Cook With CBD Oil?

Can You Cook With CBD Oil?

Written by Zara Kenyon
April 06, 2023
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So you’re curious about cooking with CBD oil, but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered with all your CBD cooking questions, from how to add the oil in, to the ways it flavours food. Let’s delve into your most commonly asked questions so you can nail the basics. Then, when you’re ready, explore our favourite CBD oil recipes.

Cannaray CBD Day time Oil

Is cooking with CBD oil safe?

Cooking with CBD oil is completely safe. It’s no different to taking CBD oil sublingually or even chewing our CBD gummies and using our CBD capsules. All Cannaray CBD products are THC-free, so cooking with CBD oil won’t have any psychoactive effects. The only ‘risks’ you run are not cooking it at the right heat (see more below!) or adding the wrong amount to your CBD recipe.


Is CBD oil good for cooking?

Yes and no. Yes, if you’re using it as one of many ingredients, but no, if you’re using it in place of your usual cooking oils. For that, you should try olive oil or coconut oil instead. Reach for CBD oil when you want to experiment with new ways of taking CBD and to add some flavour (more on that below), but keep in mind that the most efficient way of taking your CBD oil is by squeezing it directly under your tongue.

How do you add CBD oil to food?

It’s easy – especially with our CBD Oil Drops. Simply use the built-in pipette to measure out the right amount, then squeeze it into any recipe for a boost of CBD. The Bright Days CBD Oil Drops features a measure on the side of the glass pipette, while the Night Time CBD Oil Drops can be assessed by eye. Here’s how to know how much CBD to measure out for your perfect amount:

Cannaray CBD Discovery CBD Oil Kit

Bright Days CBD Oil Drops

  • The 1500mg, 30ml bottle: 1 full pipette = 1ml = 50mg
  • The 500mg, 10ml bottle: 1 full pipette = 0.5ml = 25mg

Night Time CBD Oil Drops

  • The 1800mg, 30ml bottle: 1 full pipette = 1ml = 60mg
  • The 600mg, 10ml bottle: 1 full pipette = 0.5ml = 30mg

If you buy the oils together in a kit – try the CBD Oil Drops Discovery Kit or our bestselling CBD Day To Night Kit – then the glass measure in the Bright Days bottle can help with measuring out your Night Time oil too.


How often can you cook with CBD oil?

You can cook with CBD oil as often as you like. Add it into every dish if you want to, but keep an eye on the amount of CBD you’re using each time. We recommend you enjoy no more than 70mg of CBD per day, so use this as your guide when whipping up your favourite CBD recipes.

For example, if you’ve taken two Bright Days CBD Capsules in the morning, which amounts to 20mg of CBD, you should then only add up to 50mg to your cooking later that day. Just to remind you, 1ml (or a full pipette) of the Bright Days CBD Oil Drops 30ml gives you 50mg, while 1ml of the Night Time CBD Oil Drops 30ml is packed with 60mg of CBD.

Does CBD oil flavour food?

If you put enough in, your CBD oil is bound to impact the taste of what you’re cooking. That’s one of (many) reasons we love adding the Bright Days and Night Time CBD Oil Drops to our CBD recipes. The Bright Days blend gives you a delicious kick of aromatic juniper and zesty lime, which makes it ideal fruity bakes, smoothies and some salad dressings or dips. Meanwhile the Night Time CBD oil is packed with pepperminty flavour, which works especially well with gourmand treats, like brownies and chocolate chip cookies.

Need some inspiration? Don’t forget to check out our top CBD oil recipes.

Does heat harm CBD oil?

Heat does have the potential to impact CBD’s effectiveness, so try to aim for recipes that bake at 175°C/350°F or less. Smoothies, dressings and dips don’t usually require any baking, so they’re some of our go-tos for whipping up a CBD-boosted treat. Get creative, and enjoy!

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