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Are CBD Gummies Good for You? 4 Benefits to Know

Are CBD Gummies Good for You? 4 Benefits to Know

Written by Zara Kenyon
March 28, 2023
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We know what you’re thinking – sweets aren’t exactly known for being good for you, so why should CBD gummies be any different? And yet, despite being just as delicious as your go-to pick ‘n’ mix , CBD sweets are also getting a lot of praise in the wellness world. So, here we’re answering the big question: are CBD gummies actually good for you? If you’re thinking about trying them, these benefits will seriously sweeten the deal…

Cannaray CBD Gummies

1. Each gummy is packed with THC-free CBD

If you’re chewing our Bright Days CBD Gummies, you’re getting the purest infusion of CBD isolate in every. single. sweet. We extract it and process it so it’s THC-free, meaning it’s non-psychotropic. If you’re wondering ‘can I drive with CBD?’ or ‘can I use CBD in sports?’, the answer is YES – all thanks to the high quality, 100% legal ingredients in every gummy.

Palm leaves in water

2. Cannaray’s gummies are vegan and vegetarian-friendly

Did you know? A lot of CBD gummies in the market contain gluten – but not ours. To ensure each chew is vegetarian and vegan-friendly, we make them using cruelty-free, eco-friendly Agar gum that’s derived from red algae. This means they’re suitable for everyone, no matter your lifestyle and food choices. In fact, all of our CBD ingestibles are vegan, including our Bright Days CBD Oil Drops and CBD Capsules.


Cannaray CBD Gummies with Orange 300mg

3. They’re bursting with juicy, natural flavours

When it comes to CBD gummies, flavour matters. You want them to be sweet and juicy, without heaps of sugar and E numbers overpowering your CBD dosage. That’s why we’ve packed our Bright Days CBD Gummies with natural orange extracts, giving you a low-sugar burst of citrus freshness in every jar with only 15 calories per gummy. Delicious.

Cannaray CBD Gummies

4. You can tailor your dosage to suit your mood

Not all CBD gummies are made the same, and we offer two types with different levels of CBD in them. You’ve got the regular strength (300mg, which means 10mg per gummy) or the high strength (900mg for 30mg per gummy). If high-strength CBD is what you’re looking for, we recommend going straight for the 900mg jar. But if you like to tailor your dosage to suit your mood, try keeping both in the cupboard and switch from day to day.

Quick tip: If you’re really not sure about your ideal CBD dosage, start with the regular strength at first, track how you’re finding it in our 7-Day CBD Diary, and adjust as you see fit. Soon, you’ll discover your perfect level.

Girl eating Cannaray CBD Orange Flavoured Gummy

How many CBD gummies should I eat?

We recommend you take two of our CBD Gummies each day. If you’ve got the 300mg jar, that gives you 20mg, while two from the 900mg jar means your dosage is 60mg. You can, of course, take as many or as few as you like up to 70mg per day. You could even mix and match CBD products with two 10mg gummies plus a 50mg dropper of the Bright Days Oil.

What are the cons of taking CBD gummies?

We’ve given you the benefits of CBD gummies – but is there any catch? Turns out, there are no cons. Each gummy really is as quick, easy and delicious as you’d hope. The only small thing to note is that they take a little longer to digest than CBD oils (15-60 minutes versus 5-20 minutes), so if it’s extra fast-acting CBD you’re looking for, try the Bright Days or Night-Time CBD Oil Drops.

Up next: Got more gummies questions? If you’re wondering if they’re right for you, read our CBD oils vs. CBD gummies guide.

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