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Here’s Why You Take CBD Oil Under Your Tongue

Here’s Why You Take CBD Oil Under Your Tongue

Written by Zara Kenyon
May 02, 2023
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Have you shopped our CBD Oil Drops yet? If you've cast an eye over the usage directions, you'll know that we always tell you to take CBD oil under your tongue. And it's not just us sharing this tip; any CBD expert will recommend sublingual application, as it's a fast and effective delivery method for taking your CBD.

But why is it such a popular choice? Here we reveal why sublingual drops of CBD oil are a must for maximum absorption, plus the nutritious and delicious ingredients you should be looking out for...

Night Oil in hand by bed

The benefits of the sublingual method

Sublingual application of CBD oil (AKA taking CBD oil under your tongue) has one big benefit: it gets the CBD extract directly into your bloodstream, resulting in faster and more effective absorption. This is because you have many blood vessels in this area of your mouth, through which the CBD can travel and quickly make its way into your system.
It is inevitable that some of the oil will be swallowed though. In this case it's important to have a carrier oil consisting of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) to protect the CBD as it moves through the body. This binds to the CBD and allows the transfer of the CBD directly into the systemic circulation within the body, via the bloodstream. At Cannaray, we use coconut oil as our primary carrier and MCT oil across all our CBD oil drops, and add additional hemp seed oil to our Night-Time CBD Oil Drops too. Here's why they're our go-to oils for boosting your CBD...

Coconut and mint leaves

Coconut oil

You'll find coconut oil in all of our CBD Oil Drops, including the citrus-flavoured Bright Days CBD Oil Drops blend and the soothingly minty Night-Time CBD Oil Drops tincture. It's our carrier oil of choice because it's a medium chain triglyceride, which simply means it's able to increase the absorbency of the CBD extract. Plus, it's very stable and less prone to oxidation than other carrier oils, so your CBD shelf life will be longer.

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Hemp seed oil

Hemp seed oil is extracted directly from the seeds of the hemp plant and, like coconut oil, it gives you high bioavailability (or absorption) of CBD. You'll find it in the Night-Time CBD Oil Drops, in combination with coconut oil, where its light texture makes sure every dropper of your CBD oil is a joy. It's also mixed with soothing peppermint for the freshest flavour, so if you take it before bed the taste won't clash with your toothpaste.


CBD oil under your tongue vs. oral consumption

The most effective method for taking CBD involves placing it underneath your tongue. This is because, as we mention above, this allows it to get directly into your bloodstream. But couldn't you just place the CBD oil onto your tongue and swallow it? Well, yes, you could – but your body wouldn't be able to absorb as much of the CBD.

When you swallow CBD oil, it has to go through your digestive system, where some of the extract is filtered out before it can reach your bloodstream. However, with sublingual intake, the CBD oil bypasses this process, and instead goes straight into your bloodstream, boosting the bioavailability of CBD.

Of course, swallowing some of the CBD oil is inevitable, and it’s completely safe to do so. When you swallow it, the MCT oil will help to increase the bioavailability even further. This means you get a double effect: first from the sublingual application, and second from the carrier oil.

Taking Cannaray CBD Bright Days Oil Drops

How to take CBD oil under your tongue

Here's the most efficient method for taking CBD oil under your tongue:

Step 1: Unscrew the lid off your bottle of Bright Days CBD Oil Drops or Night-Time CBD Oil Drops. On the inside of the lid you'll find a glass measuring pipette.

Step 2: Use the pipette to measure out your perfect amount of CBD. You'll find all the tips you need for CBD dosage on the bottle, or further tips below.

Step 3: Squeeze the CBD oil directly underneath your tongue and hold it there for 90 seconds while it absorbs. You can swallow whatever is left.

It's that simple!

Decode your CBD oil dosage

Bright Days CBD Oil Drops:

  • For the 1500mg bottle, administer 1 x full dropper measured up to the 1ml mark on the pipette (50mg CBD) directly beneath the tongue.
  • For the 500mg bottle, administer 2 x full droppers each measured up to the 0.5ml mark (25mg CBD per dropper) directly beneath the tongue.

Night-Time CBD Oil Drops:

  • For the 1800mg bottle, administer 1 x full dropper (approximately 60mg CBD) directly beneath the tongue.
  • For the 600mg bottle, administer 2 x full droppers (approximately 30mg CBD per dropper) directly beneath the tongue.
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Tincture vs edibles: what's the difference?

The sublingual method is the reason why some choose CBD oils over CBD edibles. CBD Gummies and CBD Capsules are quick to take, but CBD Oils offer faster absorption rates. When choosing between CBD tinctures and edibles you need to weigh up what's most important to you. Here are just some of the key benefits for each type of CBD:

Cannaray CBD Oils for Day & Night

CBD Oils benefits:

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CBD Gummies benefits:

  • These are the simplest to take CBD products of all – simply chew two Bright Days CBD Gummies per day.
  • Available in two strengths: 300mg for 10mg of CBD per gummy, or 900mg for 30mg of CBD per gummy.
  • They’re bursting with juicy orange flavour to be enjoyed any time, day or night.
Cannaray CBD Capsules in hand

CBD Capsules benefits:

  • They’re super-quick and easy to take – just swallow two Bright Days CBD Capsules per day with water.
  • CBD Capsules are completely flavour-free, which is ideal if you like your daily supplements without any taste.
  • They’re packed with other active ingredients, including fatigue-fighting vitamin C, immunity-supporting vitamin D3 and mind-kind zinc.


You can also mix and match CBD products to reap the rewards of every format. Simply reach for the blend best suited to your mood or needs from one day to the next. We love CBD Gummies for when we're on the go or working at our desks, while CBD superfan Claudia Winkleman likes to take our CBD Capsules or Night-Time CBD Oil Drops before bed.

Now you've got all the tips you need for taking CBD oil under your tongue. Next up, learn all about how to cook with CBD oil.

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