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Does CBD Expire?

Does CBD Expire?

Written by Zara Kenyon
January 23, 2023
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Like the food you eat, the drinks you sip, and any supplements you might take, CBD products – including CBD oils – can degrade over time. However, each of your CBD essentials have their own individual shelf life, and how you store them will have a big impact on how long they stay fresh.

So, in this article, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about CBD expiry dates – including tips on making sure your CBD favourites go the extra mile…

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How long can you keep CBD?

The ultimate answer will be on your Cannaray packaging. Take a look at the boxes your CBD oils, CBD capsules, CBD gummies or CBD topicals come in, and you’ll find a ‘best before’ date. This is the number you really want to pay attention to, and it usually gives you one or two years to use your go-to product (from the date of purchase). Of course, if you’re taking CBD as it’s meant to be taken – consistently – a year will be more than enough time for you to enjoy your daily dosage.



What affects CBD shelf life?

1. The quality of the CBD

CBD should be treated with care and grown in the best environments, so when it makes it into a bottle of oil, it’s fresh, potent, and far from expiring. Look for brands that are transparent about their CBD extraction and creation process. On that note, you can read up on how we create CBD oil, and even see our lab reports to track your product from plant to pipette.

2. The packaging CBD comes in

Ever wondered why all of our CBD is housed in dark coloured bottles and jars? Dark containers are great for protecting CBD products from heat and light – two things that degrade CBD. The lids are also air-tight, giving your CBD favourites some extra protection. So not only are the bottles Instagram-ready – they’re super-functional too.

3. Where you keep your CBD

The black container will keep out light and heat, but we still recommend keeping your CBD essentials in a cool, dark place under 25 degrees celcius when possible. Cupboards, bags, drawers, in your bedside table… they’ll all do the job. As tempting as it is to display the bottles on an open shelf, you’ll give them extra protection by tucking them away from sun exposure.

4. Leaving CBD bottles and jars open

Like most supplements, CBD oils, capsules and gummies can degrade when their bottles are left open. Even a jar of CBD balm will start to dry out if the lid isn’t screwed shut. So, when you’re done grabbing that afternoon gummy or squeezing out a dropper of Night-Time CBD Oil Drops, make sure you’ve fastened the bottle before putting it back in your bag, drawer or cupboard.

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How do you know if your CBD has expired?

1. Check the packaging

The first place you’ll look is the box your CBD comes in. Check out the ‘best before’ date to see when your oils, capsules or gummies are past their best.

2. See if the smell or taste has changed

If your CBD oils or gummies have gone beyond their ‘best before’ date, they might still be okay. Check their taste and smell - if they’re as fresh and delicious as ever, you can keep on enjoying them. Just keep in mind that the CBD extracts inside may not be as potent.

3. Check the texture of topicals

Our CBD Muscle Balm feels firm from day one, before it quickly melts it between your palms or fingertips to unleash its massage-boosting powers. However, if it’s past its ‘best before’ date, the lid hasn’t been screwed on properly, or it hasn’t been stored away from sunlight, it may turn dry. This is a sign that your CBD topical is no longer at its best – although there are no concerns with still using it.

CBD Day to Night Kit Oil

Can expired CBD oil hurt you?

Expired CBD oil won’t hurt you, but you might not get the full benefits of your supplement. Because the CBD degrades over time, it starts to lose its potency past the ‘best before’ date.

How to make your CBD last longer

While there’s no getting away from ‘best before’ dates, these are the storage tips and takeaways to keep in mind if you want to look after your CBD products?

  • Opt for CBD packaged in dark containers to protect it from sunlight.
  • Always check the lids on your CBD products are screwed completely shut.
  • Store your CBD away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry place. Window sills are a no-go!

With these storage tips, your CBD will stay even fresher for even longer. Which leads you to your next question (probably): what is the ideal CBD dosage? Read now.

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