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How to Use CBD Capsules

How to Use CBD Capsules

Written by Zara Kenyon
May 29, 2024
  • How to Use CBD Products

We know what you’re thinking – and, yes, you’re right. Using CBD Capsules is ultra-easy. So why do you need an entire guide dedicated to taking a CBD tablet? The answer to that is simple: because, like all vitamins and supplements you might use, the right time and dosage is key to getting the most from your CBD Capsules.

So here it is: the full lowdown on how to take CBD capsules, complete with timing tips and benefits that make your daily dosage effortless.

Cannaray CBD Capsules with Immune Support

What are CBD Capsules?

When CBD is extracted from hemp plants, it comes out as a crude oil that, honestly, doesn’t taste great. Plus, on its own, it can’t be easily absorbed (and therefore used) by your body. So, to make CBD more enjoyable to use and to maximise its effects, it’s usually mixed into an easy-to-take product, like a CBD oil or a CBD capsule.

This is exactly how our Bright Days CBD Capsules work. Each tablet holds 10mg of THC-free CBD, and we’ve added a host of extra ingredients to enhance your wellbeing. Inside, you’ll find vitamin C, vitamin D3 and zinc, which team up to boost your physical and mental health in a multitude of ways. (More on that below.)

Man holding Cannaray CBD Capsules Bright Days

The Benefits of CBD Capsules

So, let’s get to the benefits of our Bright Days CBD Capsules. Boosted with extra vitamins amnd minerals they help to:

1. Support Your Immune System

Colds and flus are always doing the rounds, but in the winter months, supporting your immunity becomes extra important. That’s why we’ve bolstered our CBD capsules with a blend of vitamin C and vitamin D3. These healthy heroes contribute to the proper functioning of your immune system, making your daily CBD dosage even more beneficial.

2. Fight Everyday Fatigue

Who isn’t feeling fatigued right now? Whether you’re WFH or commuting each day, the daily grind can... well, grind us all down and lead to tiredness. However, an infusion of vitamin C in the Bright Days CBD Capsules helps to reduce tiredness, making them ideal for those days when you’re running on empty.

3. Improve Brain Function

Thanks to the zinc in our capsules – which helps to support cognitive function – our capsules may hold benefits for not just your body, but your mind, too. It’s one of (many) reasons we like to take one before we sit down at our desks each day.


Taking Bright Days CBD Capsules Cannaray

How to Use CBD Capsules

It’s simple. Start with two Bright Days CBD Capsules per day, swallowing them with water to get a 20mg dosage of CBD. Track the effects, then adjust the amount as and when you feel ready. We recommend trialing each dose for a week before you dial it up or down, as this gives you a chance to assess how CBD makes you feel.

You can also combine your capsules with other formats, like the CBD Gummies, Bright Days CBD Oil Drops or Night Time CBD Oil Drops.

Cannaray CBD Capsules

When Should I Take CBD Capsules?

It’s up to you. There’s no wrong or right time to take CBD capsules, so find a routine that works for you and stick with it daily. If you tend to forget to take supplements, link your dosage with another everyday activity, like making your morning coffee or rehydrating after the gym. You could also make like our ambassador, Claudia Winkleman, who takes one in the evening before she goes to sleep. “I’ll have a hot bath and take one of the Bright Days CBD Capsules,” she says. “After that, I get into bed… That’s my routine and it works for me.”

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