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5 Tips to Support Your Immune System, Featuring CBD

5 Tips to Support Your Immune System, Featuring CBD

Written by Zara Akhtar
December 15, 2022
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Cold and flu season is rife – not to mention another certain virus beginning with ‘C’ – so there’s no better time to make small lifestyle changes that support your immune system. You already know that washing your hands, wearing a mask and social distancing is key to upping your defences. But what other steps should you take to support your immune system in winter? Here we reveal the top tips that can help you fend off infection, including a Cannaray CBD product for immune support.


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1. Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep

Bad sleep has a lot to answer for. Not only does it deplete your mood and increase anxiety; it also affects your immune system, says PubMed. Their report reveals that the link between sleep and immunity is bidirectional, meaning if you sleep poorly, your immune system is compromised, but if you sleep well, your immune response may be stronger. That’s why it’s crucial you get plenty of sleep, so your body can fend off potential aggressors. Allow enough time for a full eight hours every night, and consider trying out these sleep tips.


Cannaray CBD Capsules with Immune Support

2. Try CBD with Vitamin C

There’s a reason vitamin C is one of the most popular supplements out there. It's proven to contribute to the normal function of the immune system as well as supporting normal energy yielding metabolism and reducing tiredness and fatigue. It’s just one of many reasons we’ve added a dose of vitamin C to our Bright Days CBD Capsules. They’re also brimming with a hefty dose of vitamin D3 which, as you’ll see below, is another immunity supporter. One capsule = so many benefits.

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3. Soak Up Some Winter Sun

You don’t need to head to far-flung beaches to get some sun (although that would be a plus). Just make sure, when the sun is shining, you head outside and make the most of the (slightly chilly) daylight. According to the NCBI, vitamin D plays a big role in supporting your immune system, and as well as getting a dose from your CBD Capsules, you can soak it up when you’re outside too. Simply swallow two capsules daily and take yourself for a lunchtime stroll. These quick and simple steps may have a positive effect on your overall wellbeing through winter.


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4. Keep Your Body Moving

The call of the sofa and a Netflix session may be tempting when it’s cold, but it’s still important to make time for movement – especially if you’re working from home. Moderate exercise (like a brisk walk or jog) may be ‘immuno-enhancing’, says one PubMed report, with studies suggesting it helps to improve the effectiveness of vaccines in people with low immunity. A light workout may also lower levels of inflammation, and encourage your immune cells to regenerate at a faster rate.


5. Eat Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

As well as getting your daily dose of vitamins C and D3 in the CBD Capsules, it’s important to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables each day. (We’ve all heard of our five a day, right?) The British Heart Foundation says the best immunity-supporting vitamins are A, B6, B12, C and D, as well as copper, iron, zinc, folate and selenium . By eating a variety of leafy greens and colourful foods – along with nuts, seeds and wholegrains – you can top up these essential nutrients, giving your body the boost it needs.

Does Your Immune System Get Worse in Winter?

It’s not yet clear whether your immune system is weakened by cold weather. One animal study from the NCBI indicates this may be true, while Harvard Health says that the rise in winter colds could be down to other factors. They explain that, rather than the plummeting temperatures taking down your immunity, the prolonged time indoors increases your chances of transmitting infection. Plus, the influenza virus is said to stay airborne for longer when the air is cold, allowing it more time to strike and make you unwell. It’s a disastrous combination.

So, whether or not the cold affects your immune system or the environment puts you at risk, it’s important you take steps to bolster your defences as we head into winter. Follow the tips above to keep your body better protected this season. Plus, if you’re trying the CBD Capsules for immune support, discover our complete CBD beginner’s guide.

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