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Wellness Trends 2024: The 6 You Need to Know

Wellness Trends 2024: The 6 You Need to Know

Written by Zara Kenyon
December 21, 2023
  • Healthy Living

Wondering what 2024 has in store for you and your wellbeing? Then take a peek at the wellness trends set to shape how you stay healthy and happy in the new year.

From trending mushrooms to natural energy boosters to CBD baths, these are the health trends to know right now, so you can start the 2024 on the brightest note…

Cannaray Lion's Mane Wellness Gummies on Desk

1. The mushroom movement

Get ready for the mushroom movement. Our friends over at Holland & Barrett reported a 585% increase in searches for a mushroom called lion’s mane over the course of 2023. And, given our jars of Lion’s Mane Gummies are thriving bestsellers in our Wellness Gummies collection, it looks like the mega mushroom is set to reach new heights in 2024. These gummies offer the quickest way to add lion’s mane to your routine. All you have to do is chew two per day, enjoy the juicy blueberry flavour, and… that’s it. It’s so simple.

Man taking Cannaray Sea Moss Wellness Gummies

2. Brain boosters

We’ve mastered self-care – now brain care is getting the attention it deserves, with 2024 putting the focus on enhancing your cognitive power. In a bid to boost clarity, memory, productivity and mental well-being, mind-kind practices and routines are fast rising in popularity. Meanwhile, look out for ingredients like Iodine and Zinc in your supplements. They help to support normal cognitive function, and they’re easily incorporated into your diet. You’ll find 300% of your daily intake of Zinc in one serving of the Bright Days CBD Capsules, and a boost of Iodine in the Sea Moss Gummies. Take two of each per day for the perfect daily dose.

Taking Cannaray Menopause Gummies

3. Menopause empowerment

As conversations around the symptoms of menopause and perimenopause become widespread (at last!), expect to hear more of your friends, family and favourite influencers share their own experiences. Menopause empowerment is long overdue, not least because it helps us all understand the symptoms better. This way, we can tackle them with the right combination of routine changes and supplements. To make the latter easy, try the Menopause Gummies, which pack all the right vitamins and minerals in a single serving (two gummies per day). They support you through a host of symptoms, from hot flushes and night sweats to brain fog and changes in your skin.

Girl putting CBD Capsules into Bag

4. Energy enhancers

With Google searches for ‘caffeine free’ seeing a 236% increase in recent weeks, all signs point to a less jittery 2024. But how will we get an AM energy boost without our morning cup of coffee? Natural energy enhancers are taking over, and Vitamin C is stealing the new year spotlight. The multi-benefit vit is actually proven to reduce tiredness and fatigue, making it a morning must-have to power up your day. One serving of the Bright Days CBD Capsules is packed with 225% of your daily Vitamin C kick, meaning natural energy is just two caps away. Quicker and easier than boiling the kettle.

CBD Gummies

5. Workplace wellbeing

With terms like ‘quiet quitting’ and ‘loud labouring’ going viral in 2023, it’s no surprise that finding your work-life balance remains a hot topic in 2024. And, where self-care routines have traditionally been followed outside of work hours, next year more and more of us will be bringing them into our 9-5. This can be as easy as taking your supplements, like CBD, in the office, with the Bright Days CBD Oil Drops and CBD Gummies proving the perfect desk side partners. They’re both quick, easy and delicious to enjoy. You can even buy them in the Bright Days CBD Starter Kit, where you’ll save £7 (versus if you bought the products separately). Then put them by your computer, in your desk drawer, or even in your gym bag ready for a post-work class.

Cannaray CBD and Claudia Winkleman Collection of Products

6. CBD skincare

Watch this space, because 2024 is the year of CBD skincare, with the cult-favourite cannabinoid featuring in a range of nourishing creams, balms and even bath bombs. So, embrace the trend with the Bath Melt CBD Bath Bomb, which takes relaxation to new heights by teaming muscle-soothing Epsom Salts with a skin-softening blend of Coconut Milk and Chamomile. You can even enjoy our premium CBD in the minty-fresh Lip Rescue CBD Lip Balm, or calm stressed-out skin with the Hand Rescue CBD Hand Cream for intensely hydrating care.

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