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Myth-busting: Why is CBD Expensive?

Myth-busting: Why is CBD Expensive?

Written by Zara Kenyon
April 21, 2023
  • CBD Questions and Answers

“Why is Cannaray CBD not as expensive as other brands?” It’s a question we’re often asked, and we totally get it – our prices are pretty great. So great, in fact, that some of you have possibly wondered if there might be a catch (there isn’t)

Which begs the real question: why is the price of CBD often so high? And what should you actually be paying? Here’s everything you need to know about the cost of CBD, and how you can get even more for your money with our CBD kits

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Why is CBD expensive?

CBD is expensive due to the processes involved when purifying and testing the product. During purification, the CBD needs to be carefully extracted from the hemp plant, while ensuring that any unwanted products (such as THC) are removed.

Once this process has been completed, the products are then sent to be lab tested to ensure that there are no nasties inside, so you can enjoy your CBD oils, CBD gummies and CBD capsules with confidence.



Why are some CBD brands so much more expensive than others?

The truth is, we don’t know the thought process behind other CBD brands’ product pricing, but there are a lot of good quality and affordable choices within the CBD category (so no need to break the bank to enjoy it). And while it’s true that not all CBD products are made the same, a higher price doesn’t always mean higher quality. Case in point: our CBD essentials, which are packed with premium extracts at a friendlier price point.

Putting Cannaray CBD Gummies in Bag

Why is Cannaray CBD cheaper than some of the other brands I’ve looked at?

It all ties into our mission to empower more people to try CBD. As big fans and avid champions of CBD supplements, we want as many people to give it a go as possible, so they can see why we (and our brand ambassador, Claudia Winkleman) love it so much. Sidenote: We’ve also received rave reviews from The Independent, who named our CBD Oil Drops the ‘best value’ product out there, and The Evening Standard, who praised the Gold Standard extracts in our Bright Days blend.

But, no matter how popular our CBD is, we know that paying £££ for a little bottle of CBD oil is far from reasonable. So, with the goal of making CBD gummies, CBD oils and CBD capsules more accessible, we’ve found a ‘sweet spot’ cost that gets you the highest quality extracts without breaking your bank.

The greatest care is taken as your CBD is made, from the gentle way the CBD is washed off the hemp flowers, to the nurturing ingredients we enhance it with, to the recyclable packaging we use. Each extract is independently lab tested for purity, giving you the guarantee that all of our oils and edibles are vegan and THC-free

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What is a fair price for CBD?

We’ve put a lot of thought into our CBD costs to make sure they are fair. Because of this, you can shop our products – including the Bright Days CBD Gummies – with prices starting at £18. Our highest-strength, full-sized Bright Days CBD Oil Drops and Night Time CBD Oil Drops are each £36, and so is a jar of 60 Bright Days CBD Capsules.

But you can make those prices fairer still. Here’s how:

• Buy a bulk supply of the Bright Days CBD Oil Drops (30ml), Bright Days CBD Capsules (60) or Night- Time CBD Oil Drops (30ml) to unlock a discount. With a three-month supply you’ll get 20%, and with a six-month supply you’ll enjoy 30% off.

• Shop our CBD kits – like the Day to Night CBD Oil Drops Kit – for instant savings. You’ll get up to 17% off your CBD essentials compared to if you bought each product separately. Simple.

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