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Can You Drive in the UK When Taking CBD?

Can You Drive in the UK When Taking CBD?

Written by Zara Kenyon
August 29, 2023
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It’s normal for CBD beginners (and CBD pros) to have a lot of questions about how to use CBD. We love hearing from our customers and finding out how they’re taking our products, or what CBD myths they’ve recently heard. Case in point: one query that’s popped up a lot lately is ‘can you take CBD and drive?’ And we can see why you’re curious; after all, CBD supplements are still relatively new in the wellness world.

That’s why, here, we’re breaking down the complete facts about driving and CBD in the UK, so you can enjoy your favourite products and get behind the wheel with confidence…

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Are you allowed to drive after taking CBD?

Yes, you’re allowed to take CBD and drive. CBD is 100% legal in the UK, provided you buy it from a reputable brand that features less than 0.2% of THC in each blend. At Cannaray, we independently lab test our CBD products to ensure they’re THC-free, so you can enjoy your CBD oils, CBD capsules and CBD gummies with confidence. It’s also worth noting that there’s no mention of CBD in UK driving laws. So, chew that CBD gummy, swallow that CBD capsule, or squeeze that dropper of CBD oil and go.



Does CBD affect the way you drive?

No – CBD doesn’t affect the way you drive. In fact, a 2020 study published in the [Journal of the American Medical Association](<a href= rel="nofollow") found no evidence that CBD is not safe for driving. It’s not a drug and it’s not psychoactive (because it’s THC-free), so you can hit the road after taking Cannaray’s CBD oils or CBD gummies. “Taking CBD doesn't change your consciousness,” explains Chief Science Officer, Gregor Zorn. “You can still function fully and totally normally."

"This is why CBD has been rising in popularity as a natural supplement across the globe. At present, there is little evidence to date of any unwanted side effects and no evidence of addictions. Therefore, if taking CBD can help you as an individual – even though its effects are still being studied – then you have very little to lose by giving it a try.”

This is true no matter what CBD strength you choose to take each day, whether you go for a high-strength dropper of the Bright Days CBD Oil Drops or two medium-strength Bright Days CBD Capsules. Enjoy as usual!

CBD Muscle Balm

Can you drive after using CBD topicals?

Topical CBD and ingestible CBD have very different effects, but they’re both okay to use before and after you get behind the wheel. That means, if you want to work a little CBD Muscle Balm into an achy shoulder before driving, you can. Grab a scoopful and give yourself a quick massage to relieve tension. The infusion of CBD isn’t transdermal, so it can’t be absorbed into your bloodstream through your skin. That tingle of eucalyptus, on the other hand, feels ultra-cooling and soothing.



What if I drive professionally?

There aren’t any laws to say you can’t take CBD before driving, and none of our CBD products are going to affect the way you drive. However, if you use a vehicle for work and you want a little extra reassurance, we recommend talking to your employer about CBD (just as you might with medication or any other supplements). Now you’ve got all the info on CBD and driving, you can approach them with the facts.

CBD and driving: the verdict

  • You can legally take Cannaray CBD products before or after driving.
  • Taking CBD will have no effect on your ability to drive.
  • This is true for both CBD topicals and CBD ingestibles.
  • If you drive professionally and you’re unsure about CBD, speak to your employer to see if they have any rules about taking supplements while driving.

Up next: At Cannaray, we’re all about CBD education and myth busting. Find out if CBD gets you high.

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