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What Does CBD Isolate *Actually* Mean?

What Does CBD Isolate *Actually* Mean?

Written by Zara Kenyon
December 01, 2022
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CBD iso-what? With so many versions of this plant-powered compound, you might be wondering what CBD isolate is, and how it differs from broad-spectrum and full-spectrum blends. In short, it’s the purest form of CBD available. But there’s so much more to this hemp hero than that. Here’s what you need to know...

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What is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is a crystalline or solid powder made up of 99% pure CBD, which has been carefully extracted from flowering hemp plants. The popular cannabinoid is cleansed from the flowers of the plants, refined to achieve purity, then added to a CBD capsule, a CBD gummy or a CBD oil to make dosage easy and speedy.

But what really sets CBD isolate apart from full-spectrum and broad-spectrum blends is how pure it is. Waxes, oils and other cannabinoids are stripped away, so you’re left with just a concentrated dose of the main, active compound. And purity is just one of the benefits of CBD isolate. There are many other reasons why it might be the go-to form for CBD fans.

What are the Other Benefits of CBD Isolate?

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1. Flavour

The raw CBD extract that is found in many waxes and oils has a strong, bitter flavour of earthy hemp that many people dislike, and prefer to avoid in their self-care routines. However, because CBD isolate is free of any other, taste-altering compounds, it tends to be flavourless. No earthy taste here – this pure dosage is clean and easily mixed with sweeter notes. That’s why, when we add in the citrusy flavour to our Bright Days Oil Drops or the peppermint freshness to our Night Time Oil Drops, no hints of hemp interfere with those subtly-sweet tastes.

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