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17 New Year’s Resolution Ideas

17 New Year’s Resolution Ideas

Written by Zara Kenyon
December 21, 2023
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Do you find it tricky to keep up with your New Year’s resolutions? Then you’re not alone. Almost one quarter of people abandon their promises in the first week of each year. But it doesn’t have to be so difficult – psychologists believe it’s easier to add new, good habits rather than ban old ones. So, rather than saying ‘I will not do this’, the trick is to start saying ‘I will do this instead’.

With that thinking in mind, we’ve rounded up 17 easy-to-follow New Year’s resolution ideas to get you started. This is all the inspiration you need to make this year your best one yet…

Bed in dappled sunlight

1. Improve your sleep routine

Sleep is one of the kindest things you can do for your body and mind. It’s said to improve your mood, support your immune system and increase productivity – amongst many other benefits. However, 1 in 3 adults don’t get the recommended seven (or more) hours of rest they need every night, despite it being necessary for us to perform our best.

So, if you do one thing this year, make sleeping better a priority. First up, switch off screens at least one hour before bed to prevent blue light from affecting your body's natural circadian rhythm. If you can, go as far as leaving your phone somewhere outside your bedroom, so you won’t be tempted to pick it up and scroll. It’s also a good idea to keep your bedtime and waking times consistent, so your body starts to recognise a pattern.

And, finally, add a sleep-supporting supplement to your wind-down routine, like the Sleep Gummies. Stress is one of the biggest blockers to a good night’s rest, so the mind-kind infusion of Vitamin B6 is a welcome addition to bedtime. Not only does it promote normal psychological function, but it also reduces fatigue to leave you feeling calm and balanced.

Begin Coffee Mug on Table | Cannaray CBD

2. Use positive self-talk

Have you heard about imposter syndrome? It’s that unshakeable feeling of self-doubt; the sense that, even when you’re doing something well, you’re somehow a ‘fraud’ who doesn’t deserve their success. So many of us experience it, and find ourselves holding back from our goals as a result. If that sounds familiar, this is the year you should try to tackle it.

Instead, try positive self-talk. It simply means you catch the negative thoughts as they happen, and remind yourself of all your accomplishments or why you’re capable. Notice what your inner voice is saying, question its validity, then replace it with a positive. Instead of ‘I can’t do this…’ think, ‘I can do this. What will help me achieve my goal?’

Woman exercising

3. Listen to novels during exercise

If ‘exercise more’ is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, now is the time to start stacking up your audiobooks. According to a study in Management Science, those who combine exercise with listening to novels are 51% more likely to work out. So, if you’ve been struggling with fitness motivation, download a good book, put your headphones on, and hit the gym. This small change could transform your whole routine.

Cannaray CBD Night Time CBD Oil 1500mg

4. Embrace small acts of self-care

Self-care isn’t about blowing your budget on spa treatments, joining a fancy gym or spending weeks on a yoga retreat. It’s small acts of kindness that enhance the everyday, like boosting energy by lighting the Power Up Scented Candle or getting into the tub with the Bath Melt CBD Bath Bomb. Commit to asking yourself each morning, ‘what will I do that’s just for me today?’ Then follow through with something simple that brightens your mood.




Woman reading book in sunlight

5. Read more books

If banning behaviours makes you less likely to fulfil a resolution, promising to dial down screen time may be a futile (albeit mentally beneficial) goal. Instead, start an activity that replaces aimless scrolling, such as reading more books. It’s a quick, easy hobby you can take up right now – and you can even get friends, family or colleagues involved by starting your own book club. Reading + snacks + catch-ups with friends – what’s not to love?

Woman writing in journal | Cannaray CBD

6. Start a journal

The best thing about writing a journal is that it encourages daily reflection. It puts the good and the not so good into perspective at the end of each day. It’s a worthwhile resolution to make if you feel like the days sometimes blur into one, as it helps you take notice of and remember the special moments, both big and small.

Take a photo every day | Cannaray CBD

7. Take one photo every day

If journaling isn’t for you, commit to taking one photo or a one-second video every day. You’ll have so many memories to look back on at the end of the year.

Drink more water | Cannaray CBD

8. Drink more water and eat your greens

Water and greens really are good for you, yet keeping your body hydrated and nourished are two essentials that some of us let slip when life gets a little bit hectic. So, next time you’re doing the online shop, tap ‘add to basket’ on plenty of your favourite green vegetables. Then, invest in a large bottle and sip water from it throughout the day, with the aim of drinking two litres to keep moisture levels topped up.

Learn something new | Cannaray CBD

9. Learn something new

You learn something new every day, but make this the year you delve deeper into topics and hobbies that interest you – whether that means self-learning at home or even studying for a qualification. You don’t have to become fluent in a new language or give your career a complete refresh. Furthering your education covers everything from brushing up on history to acing your golfing swing.

Girl sat on bed taking Cannaray CBD Capsules

10. Make your bed every morning

Start every day by making your bed as soon as you get up. It’s quick, it’s easy, and you’ll feel a sense of achievement before you’ve even made it to breakfast. This is one of the simplest New Year’s resolutions on this list, but it’s also one of the most effective for kickstarting a more productive day.

Cannaray CBD Capsules 600mg

11. Manage your work/life balance

This sounds like a ‘don’t’ because it’s banning certain behaviours, but it’s definitely more of a ‘do’. So, do focus on enjoying your personal life – especially if you work from home and your online hours have started to blur. What you need is to set clear boundaries, so try these simple tricks to help you separate home life from work life:

  • Create a ‘CLOSE YOUR LAPTOP/TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER’ reminder at the time office hours end.
  • On WFH days, ‘commute home’ with a post-work walk, and leave your phone in a separate room every evening, with notifications switched off.
  • If all else fails, schedule other evening commitments that force you to switch off from work, such as calls or movie nights with friends.
Looking at recipe book | Cannaray CBD

12. Cook your way through a recipe book

Each week, pick a recipe you’ve never tried before, stock up on fresh ingredients, and cook. Work your way through a book full of meals, and experience the soothing benefits of exerting your culinary skills.

CBD Capsules Immune Support Vitamins

13. Declutter your home

Clutter can actually increase feelings of anxiety, so why not kick off the new year with a clear-out? Start small so the task doesn’t feel overwhelming. Pick one room, or even just one cupboard that needs decluttering each month, and don’t be afraid to be a little bit ruthless when it comes to getting rid of things you never use. The extra space and newly tidy set-up can have a surprisingly calming effect. Plus, there’s a big sense of achievement each time you get another cupboard/drawer/room done.

Man holding surfboard

14. Visit somewhere new

Whether it’s a nearby town or a new country, aim to tick off a bucket list destination this year. Make it your goal to see somewhere or something new, and set the plans in motion for your trip.

Selection of Cannaray CBD Products

15. Start your CBD routine

Are you a CBD beginner? 2024 is set to be a big year for the cult-favourite cannabinoid, with a 380% increase in the number of people searching for it on Google. So, kickstart your own routine to see why thousands in the UK use it every day. The Bright Days CBD Starter Kit is a great place to start, packed with the bestselling Bright Days CBD Oil Drops and Bright Days CBD Gummies. Both team citrus-fresh flavours with the quickest, easiest dosage. Simply squeeze the oil underneath your tongue or chew two juicy orange gummies, and you’re good to glow.

Another great beginner’s set is the CBD Oil Discovery Kit, featuring two trial-size tinctures: one for Bright Days and one for Night-Time. The zesty daytime CBD oil features 500mg of our premium CBD in a 10ml bottle, while the night oil, with soothing peppermint and hemp seed oil, packs in 600mg.

Group Exercise

16. Find a workout you love

Everyone has a favourite workout – you just might not have found it yet. So, make this the year you give new classes and exercises a go. Soon, you’ll uncover a routine you love. This resolution is great for your fitness motivation, and your mental wellbeing, allowing you to discover the serotonin-boosting benefits of truly enjoyable exercise.

Selection of CBD Products by Cannaray CBD

17. Shop small

In today's world, small businesses need your support more than ever before. So, when you’re shopping – for a gift or for yourself – make a commitment to explore independent brands. There are some unique finds waiting for you.

At Cannaray, we’re proud to be a small business that’s breaking new ground in the world of CBD and self-care. If you haven’t shopped with us yet, take a look at the wellness essentials we have in store for you.

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