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What is High Strength CBD and Where Can I Buy It?

What is High Strength CBD and Where Can I Buy It?

Written by Zara Kenyon
October 24, 2023
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Intrigued by high-strength CBD products? If you’re thinking about starting strong or simply upping your usual amount, you might be wondering what strength of CBD you should be aiming for (and what that even means!). That’s why we’ve created this high-strength CBD guide, packed with all the tips and products to help you get more from your daily dose. Here’s what you need to know…

Cannaray CBD Oil for Night Time

CBD oil strength explained

Want to know how potent your CBD is? Then, first, you need to take a look at the number that appears next to ‘mg’ on the bottle of our CBD products. This number – for example, 1800mg on the 30ml Night-Time CBD Oil Drops – tells you how much CBD is inside in total, while the strength relates to how much CBD you get per dose. With the Night-Time CBD Oil Drops, the recommended amount is 1ml per day, which means your CBD strength will be 60mg. In fact, even though the 10ml CBD oil bottle sounds like a lower strength, with 600mg in total, its size means you’re still getting 60mg strength of CBD per 1ml dropper.


What is the maximum CBD strength in the UK?

Don’t let the number on the bottles of your CBD products trick you into thinking you’re taking too much. While the largest jar of Bright Days CBD Capsules totals 600mg, that amount is spread out across 60 capsules, which each contain 10mg of CBD. So, if you’re seeing high numbers, don’t worry that you’re going to go over the limit. Simply follow the instructions on your Cannaray pack to reach the CBD strength you want.

Selection of Cannaray CBD Products

How do I choose the right CBD strength?

The ‘right’ CBD strength is unique to you. It’s all about listening to your mind and body, so find your ideal CBD dosage by trialling different amounts.

The trick is to follow the instructions on the packaging for your CBD oils, CBD gummies or CBD capsules, then dial it up or down depending on how you’re finding it. Each time you tweak your CBD strength, stick with the new level for at least a week, and track your thoughts with the 7-Day CBD Diary. You’ll soon figure out your perfect amount.

Girl eating Cannaray CBD Orange Flavoured Gummy

How can I try high-strength CBD?

At Cannaray, we make it easy for you to adjust your dosage as you please, so you can enjoy low-strength or high-strength CBD, depending on your mood. Our highest strength product is the Night-Time CBD Oil Drops which, at 60mg per 1ml, is perfect for taking just before you go to bed. (It’s minty-fresh, so it won’t clash with your toothpaste!)

The citrus-flavoured Bright Days CBD Oil Drops is just a little bit lower, giving you 50mg of CBD per 1ml pipette. You can take it any time, day or night.

More of a CBD gummies fan? Then choose from two strengths of the Bright Days CBD Gummies: 300mg or 900mg. Each jar contains 30 orange-flavoured sweets in total, meaning you get 10mg per gummy in the low-strength 300mg tub, and 30mg per gummy in the high-strength 900mg tub.

Why choose Cannaray’s high-strength CBD products?

1. We stick by the strength limits

Some brands go so high on dosage that it’s tricky to measure out a compliant strength, so you spend ages checking and double checking if you’re taking the right amount. But we’ve perfected the strength of our CBD products to make sure you can take them with confidence, knowing that 5 drops of CBD oil, a CBD capsule or 10mg CBD gummy isn’t going to exceed the limit.

2. We lab test for purity

To ensure you get a purer extract of high-strength CBD, we independently lab test each of our products, then publish the lab reports here for total transparency. This allows you to take your favourite CBD oils and CBD edibles with confidence, knowing they’re packed with high quality, THC-free CBD.

3. We add in other health boosters

Guess what? We’ve packed our Bright Days CBD Capsules with a boost of immunity-supporting ingredients, including vitamin C, vitamin D3 and zinc. These healthy heroes all contribute to the maintenance of normal cognitive function, muscle strength and bone condition, so you’re getting extra benefits with your CBD.

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